Xangans on Film (Episode 5: iStephanieMarie)

Hello people. Dave here, back with another installment of Xangans on Film. Today I am taking a trip outside the City Limits and heading to the strange and foreign land of Missouri to meet with iStephanieMarie.

Note: As always I have provided some written highlights for those who cannot access the video. I am all about looking out for you guys.

Country Grammar With iStephanieMarie


Chat Transcript
Instead of the normal convo tampering I would do in this section, I would like to take this opportunity to settle a little debate Steph and I were having.

Steph has said before that her boyfriend, Scott (something29), bears a striking resemblence to Ben Foster (a.k.a. some white guy I don’t know). I have argued that he looks alot like Trent Dilfer (former NFL QB) or Matt Hasselbeck (current NFL QB).

So I’ll leave it up to you guys. Who does Scott look like most?


ben foster trent dilfer matt_hasselbeck_1



  1. yeah, I agree with steph also – Foster-ish.Great interview…and since we don’t know where spidey is…I think she should host the next Miss Xangalebrity contest.

  2. Haha, gotta love the echo haha!! He’d argue Woody Harrelson as his twin. I think Jason Statham more though, but I can see the Hasselbeck similarities. He’ll laugh so hard when I show him this!

  3. It’s a bit hard from pictures. With the scruff, he does look like Foster. Yet it’s a different matter when you see a person in real life and how they act and such.

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