I Learned a New Word!

While using the twitterfon application on my brand new iphone (<— MOST PRETENTIOUS BEGINNING TO A BLOG ENTRY EVER!!!), I discovered a new word. You see, twitter can be useful!

See the twitterfon app uses autofill on some commonly used words. Much like many word processing programs you start to type in a word and it suggests the finished word for you. For instance, if I type in “dou” it may suggest the completed word “douche”. This also works for misspelled words on occasion. 

I began writing to a friend who had just insulted me. I simply wanted to reply “whatever nigga” (Don’t judge me. We talk street talk when we are insulting eachother.). As I typed in “nigga” I noticed twitterfon had suggested another word.

Did you mean “niggardly“?

For a moment I looked at the phone in bewilderment. I had never heard this term before. Could “niggardly” really be a real word? I rushed over to dictionary.com to take a look.

nig⋅gard⋅ly [nig-erd-lee]

1.reluctant to give or spend; stingy; miserly.
2.meanly or ungenerously small or scanty: a niggardly tip to a waiter.


in the manner of a niggard.
I was blown away by this! How is this still an official word? Is there really enough of a difference here. What if someone comes up to me on the street and says “Hey niggard!” Am I supposed to stop and say “Excuse me did you say niggard? With a d at the end? Alright then.” That is just crazy talk.
Furthermore did you see the definition? “A niggardly tip to a waiter.” Wow! Just wow!!! 
Paging Al Sharpton. 



  1. You know, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that word in my life. Mostly being like “oh, I was…referring to his niggardly tendencies. I’m a Jew, so…”COP-OUT, MUHFUCKAS

  2. @sweetlovinlife – oh. Hell yeah! Why would you ever use that word unless you are trying to be a dick?@Schristian –  I wrote a joke about this for a show I am doing tomorrow where I say “who knew all this time we’ve been calling black people the n word, while we should have been using that word for the Jews.” I hope there are a lot of Jews in the audience.@Ampersands_Anonymous – I was using it all weekend. Like we were at a diner late Saturday and I told my friend not to leave a niggardly tip. Then I had to tell him the story.@Fairywife – I couldn’t stop laughing either.@Unstoppable_Inner_Strength – Yeah he still has a pager. It’s like his version of the batphone.@MomGoneMadd – yeah that is definitely not in the dictionary. lol.

  3. You know, I hesitated when I saw this blog title, knowing that God-only-knows what “new word” you might have learned… And, yeah, that’s a doozy. I suggest NOT working that into your daily conversations, because only you and your blog readers have ever heard of it, most likely; and it’s BOUND to be misinterpreted. 

  4. I’m surprised at the amount of people here who weren’t aware of the word. It’s been quite famous for a while as a totally non-racist word (the etymology is completely different from, um, “negro”) that sounds racist. Overly sensitive types deplore it, and who love to complain about undereducated or hypersensitive Americans love to use it.

  5. there was a law in Congress struck down, years ago, because this word appear somewhere in it, and many members of Congress were afraid it would be offensive… even though it has a legit meaning.

  6. I’ve heard this particular word corrupted by a few people to something along the lines of, “He’s a nigger giver.” Of course, these were the same people who talked about “nigger-rigging” something. I didn’t keep that job for very long.

  7. I really can’t tell if you’re being serious or not.  Niggard and niggardly have nothing to do with the infamous n word; it would be like getting offended about the word “horse” because it sounds too much like “whore”.  

  8. This word caused a huge row a while back but can’t remember the instance – I think it was a politician or similar pundit used it in a speech like a graduation address or something.You should know, however, that the word itself is not in any way related to the way it sounds. The word has its origins in ancient languages (Middle English or even Old English deriving from Scandanavian) that predate colonial-era slave trade. All the same, it looks as if it must be retired. I don’t miss it, especially since English has the largest documented vocabulary of any language.

  9. Well ya know…my mom taught us that the word “nigger” had nothing whatsoever to do  with the color of a mans skin. She told us it was someone who would not support his family,she showed us the definition in the dictionary.She also told us it was not a word to use. I did not even know there was another meaning for the word til I was twelve or so.  She only beat my brother one time that I remember and that was for using that word in the way she abhored. She taught me never to  judge a person in any way other than how they treated other people.I think probably the definition was around long before people used the term the way they do now. Like “gay” or “queer” have changed meanings. We always said “That’s queer” meaning odd,not thinking of a homosexual person . I could be wrong

  10. Haha!! I totally just told my husband he was “niggerdly” and he looked at me like I grew another head.  I wish I could see one of your shows!  You should broadcast one of them on XTV sometime for us poor folks who can’t come to NYC!

  11. @Uek – haha. touche’ my friend. I am gonna have to update tomorrow.@meanii – lol. I have been using the hell out of it with my friends.@Laryssa – Tell John he is very welcome.@seedsower – no I think you are right. It was just so odd that auto-complete would suggest it like it’s still a commonly used word.@dirtbubble –  Bigshow said it was used in a bill a while back.

  12. This word has been around for a long time and has nothing to do with race. Take a peek at the Wikipedia. Just thought I’d stick my 2 cents worth in Dave. Niggardly” (noun: “niggard”) is an adjective meaning “stingy” or “miserly”, perhaps related to the Old Norse verb nigla = “to fuss about small matters”. It is cognate with “niggling“, meaning “petty” or “unimportant”, as in “the niggling details”.”Nigger” derives from the Spanish/Portuguese word negro, meaning “black”, and probably also the Frenchnègre, which likewise has become a racist insult in American culture, deriving from negro (the ordinary French word for “black” being noir)

  13. Oh it’s totally real.  A few years ago, I think I was still in high school, a teacher in Delaware or Maryland, or some other pseudo-southern state like that, got in huge trouble for telling a student the definition of “niggardly” — she told the kid it meant ‘stingy’, which it does; and people got all up in arms saying she was racist and whatnot.But, hey, at least she was actually educating America’s youth instead of stunting their intellectual growth.

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