Proof that Brad Pitt Likes Dudes!

Okay now that I have your attention, there are a few very important things I wanted to tend to before the “real” post of the day.

1st Order of Business: Xanga seems to be hemorrhaging some really good people recently. Blogspot and WordPress are kicking it’s ass. Now that I am on twitter I see this even more. The thing is I have tried both of those sites. I know for a fact that xanga is better. Where xanga falls short is if you want to network with people outside of xanga. It basically sucks for that.

2nd Order of Business: So I am trying to figure out which ones of my blog series I am going to keep going. Which of these series would you like to see more of the most (I’ve put links with examples of them for those who are unfamiliar)? Do I Like You?, Xangans on Film, Ask a Pimp (haven’t done it in a while, but I may bring it back), or a new series I am pondering called Dave’s Unsexy Sexy Girl of the Week.

3rd Order of Business: I just finished editing my first comedy reel. It is to be sent out to booking agencies and different clubs. I was pretty encouraged that it was so difficult for me to put it together. This just means that I had a lot of material to choose from. I left a lot of pretty strong jokes on the cutting room (a.k.a. my bedroom) floor.

The next step is to write a bio and probably get some headshots done. I am really not looking forward to getting headshots. I am gonna feel like such an asshole. “Hey I’ll send you my resume with my headshot!” Ughh, what a poser I am becoming!

In any case, here is the reel I finished last night for any who want to see it. Consider it my “greatest hits” up to this point.

The link –



  1. I have spent a little time over at wordpress and I can see why they are doing well.  They have great features.  Twitter is nice and I am not very wordy but I am more wordy than 160 letters or whatever it is.

  2. can’t watch at worked.  it’s blocked.  bummer.  look forward to seeing it when i get home.i wish you the best of luck with it.  Hopefully lots of interest will come from it.

  3. In response to the first order of biz: I haven’t been to the other sites. But shit, how often is it that people skip over the better thing for something else? Do you think the lack of social networking is what really draws people away?2nd: It seems sad that any of these have to go. I’d love to see more of Do I Like You? though. 3rd: “Is that a sheep?” lmfao. I subscribed to your videos, so I can continue to amuse myself. Good luck putting the rest of that stuff together!

  4. Damn!!!  Am I ever glad I popped in here today. Great job man. You have some really great material and it looks like you were born to be in front of an audience. Absolutely terrific!  I really, really wish you all the best and hope something huge pans out for you.  I’ve seen lots of comics at Yuk Yuks and other places that make me weep. Fuck, you have me snorting beer out of my nose again ya’ bastard!!!   hahahahahah    Give er’ shit man !!!    Sincerely,A new Fan

  5. Must say, I’ve not read you for long but I love the video clip.  This passed summer I’ve made a habit of watching stand-up on Comedy Central during my lunch break- by far better than most of the comics I’ve seen on there.  Great work, I hope you can find a big break. 

  6. @vanedave – Another day,  another 12 pack.     I was actually good yesterday and got 6 hours sleep so I’m entitled to up my beer consumption by  25 %.   The metric system here, the time difference, the barometric pressure, lunar gravitational influences all have formulas that pinpoint the precise time when and how many dozen beers I drink.  You can’t argue with science.   Hey, you’re the funny guy, I’m going to shut up.   Great stuff here.  Say hi to Leno for me when you meet him.  One of these days, I bet you will.

  7. Haha, I love the vid! I definitely cracked up more than once, so I’d say you did a great job. :)And as for the 2nd order of business, I’d love to see more Xangans on Film and I’m curious about the Unsexy Sexy girl of the week thing.~V

  8. I’ll check the clip out later, maybe with ABD in the brief moments we might actually see each other tonight. (NO, DAVE! It’s still none of your business!! LOL!!) 

  9. Great video – I’m so looking forward to Wednesday! I enjoy all those series you mentioned, but if I had to choose just one I think it would be “Do I Like You.”

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