Might be the Sexiest Thing Ever!

What I see when I look at my iPhone…

“Ready to have some fun Dave?” 

…you bet I am! It may be the sexiest thing ever!

Edit: This is not my wallpaper. I meant that this is what my iPhone looks like to me. My iPhone is the sexiest thing ever.



  1. My sister met her in Vegas once..She had no make up on and her head wrapped in a bandanna.. My sister said she was even MORE gorgeous in person then in any picture she’d ever seen…and she was sweet and hugged her and was very gracious… 

  2. @vanedave – ***OH*** I get it.  Your iPhone is a sexy halle berry staring you in the face.  Kinda like the matrix, you don’t see the code anymore?  Just blonde… brunette… redhead… lolYou should make a sexy Halle Berry picture your wallpaper though.

  3. If I had a iphone she’d look more like Rihanna than Halle.  No wait.  If I get to pick it’d be Allison Scagliotti.  Or Miley Cyrus.  Or Boxxy.  Or…..I better never get an iphone.

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