Anyone Care to Respond?

Between work, and life, and xanga drama, and just plain being sick of bullshit in general right now, I do not have the patience right now.

Would anyone care to respond to this for me? –

To be frank, I can’t wait for you to leave.  I’ve never found you interesting, funny, or amusing whatsoever.  Xanga is better without you.

If you truly cared for Xanga, then you would quit blogging here immediately.

8/18/2009 3:21 PM manilajones Xanga True Member Xanga Lifetime Member (message) block delete reply

Yeah, I should ignore it. But I am not in the mood for that.



  1. I would respond with…”well it seems your discussion of fast food and Starbucks is exactly what Xanga needs. has racked up a grand total of less than 15 views.”

  2. This is the guy who wrote that shit about you an I before Curtains Open did. In my opinion, he’s just in need of attention….He knows damn well he’ll be so much better without pimps like you on Xanga.

  3. Your posting the comment this way, frankly, was the best possible response. That kind of person is the reason the good people leave, a moron with no social skills and a bad case of envy towards you. 

  4. Dear Manila Jones- I have taken it upon myself to respond to your douchebauchery of a comment to vanedave’s blog post. Though I don’t know you and have never heard of you until today I must say just by your comment alone I probably will never read anything else you attempt to write on xanga and not just because I am a vanedave lover or anything, I hardly know the guy, but because you excrete just enough ignorance xanga needs to make his point in the said blog post valid. People like you, and comments like yours just dont serve any purpose to the community at all… Perhaps you just have severe dick envy or you cant sing or you could only wish to carry the popularity vanedave does here. Either way, you suck. You suck and you swallow and we all know it. Love,Shann

  5. No way,let things like that slide right off of you,who cares. Do not let a comment like that have any bearing on you. it is not worth it at all.Choose your battles wisely.

  6. What?!?!?! Some one actually said that to you? You are totally worth the read and this person has no response I would say if that is so it probably be even better that you leave since you have nothing kind to say…

  7. Oh he’s just jealous because seedsower and Saintvi are going to visit you Mornin Glorie….Ya’ll have funp.s.   I guess it was a boy – now that I think of it he sounds kinda girly

  8. I do believe you have a candidate for “Douchebag comment of the year” now… be grateful! Besides, what kind of dumbass continues to read the blogs of someone he has “never found funny, interesting, or amusing” anyway? Or, worse yet, makes such a statement on a blog full of comments from people who clearly DO find you funny, interesting, and amusing?” No response is needed, my friend. We’re all already laughing at this one. 

  9. I vaguely remember going over and reading a post of his, and really thought his screen name was catchy, but it has left me now, the post I mean. So it must not have been too important. Anyways, he is just envious of your fame, and perhaps he has not heard of “if you cant beat em, join em”. As cliche as that is, it seems to work here. So dont go Dave, but if you stay, I only wish that you would be more nice to Matt! Love ya, MPS.As far as the Xanga drama goes, I seem to have gotten myself into an arguement that does not want to end with a few abortion activist folks, any suggestions?

  10. My response would be………… If you don’t care for Vanedave’s writing then simply don’t read it, but xanga needs a variety of writers to remain interesting and diverse. I really hope that when you wrote those unkind things to Vanedave you were only joking.

  11. I visited his page… maybe he is just a jokester who is using you to get extra views for his page?…. Actually it is not a bad idea… I don’t really care to the tactic myself but hey you know you are above it …..

  12. I have no response to that. Any response I can think of would include words a lady does not use. Block that person and move on.

  13. @vanedave – I rec’d the post because I was getting such a response over there, in hopes that some of my so called subs and friends might pop over there and help me educate them, I think it is Native_Texan or something like that, it has an abortion video on it. Try that and if you cant find it, I will try to figure out how to be computer literate and link it to you! M

  14. I would first question his/her sanity for even thinking your not funny. Then I would rip apart his/her complete inability to rationally argue their point. And finally I would tell him/her to politely STFU. But that’s just me. Oh and then I would block them.

  15. I’m sorry, it was me, in disguise.  Sometimes I just have to get the piss and vinegar out of my system by running around Xanga, spewing nonsense and venom.  It’s how I roll.

  16. Dave, I think it might be time to take a deep breath, turn off the computer and relax. I’m not sure why you’re letting that specific comment upset you. I thought you were a bigger hardass than that. Part of having increased traffic is being exposed to different opinions. I know it sucks to hear, but not everyone is going to be a fan.

  17. @Drakonskyr – Agreed. I do enjoy his style of writing, although I did tell him his “no redeeming qualities” shtick was getting a little too gimmicky for my liking. But then again, he also said he writes his blog like a column, and columnists tend to do that sort of thing. He just seemed like the kind of guy that would avoid a gimmick altogether, so maybe that’s what threw me off. I only critiqued him, because he is an interesting writer and “good with words” as I told him. If someone’s a terrible writer, I tend to just keep silent. I also told him that I was aware that he thought I was an obnoxious tool, but he honestly seemed to like my blog. Manila’s a big softie at heart.  I thought I’d leave a rapist wink for good measure.

  18. Hm, was this cathartic, everyone? This is the most mindless and completely juvenile (and occasionally bigoted) string of comments I have seen in a long time. Sometimes Xanga is farstupider than MySpace (yeah I said it) and reminds me a lot of Idiocracy.(Everybody point and laugh!)Dude why didn’t you just ask him what made him get so fed up? He obviously began reading your blog for some reason, and obviously got really frustrated for some reason. Maybe something good about your blog has changed. Of course no one’s going to say anything if this is your response. So why ask him why? Because if he has no reason, a simple question with no answer is the best insult. It’s make him realize he was being a dumbass. But if he has an answer, you can only benefit from the feedback even if it’s not all constructive. I mean, manilajones isn’t going to make NYT best-seller, but he’s not a total idiot. Instead you posted his comment for all your readers so they could mount their repeated phallic and homophobic insults at someone who obviously cares a lot about the quality level of your blog. It doesn’t pique your curiosity even a little bit? You’re just going to bitch about it? Dave, I would expect better from you, and you should expect better from your readers and for Xanga. Pull your shit together dude.In answer to the posted question, if I were to ghost-write your response to manila, I’d say the following.”manila, Dude, whoa. Back a truck up. That’s an unreasonably heavy brand of insult you’re waving around. You would not want anyone to say something like that to you, even if it were true. If you have some feedback I can use, I swear I’ll consider it, but you need to explain yourself if you’re going to diss like that.”  

  19. @Drakonskyr – True, but it occurs to me, that’s on your blog. Isn’t that “destitution of Xanga” stuff the status you’re shooting for? That’s different. Dave’s not actually shooting for that, so it’s harsher aimed at him.

  20. @elgaberino – you know something Gabe there is a reason I’ve always liked you. This is a perfect example why. Unfortunately you live in San Diego, and I live in New York and as a result I can be invariably more testy at times. In plain speak, I know you are right, but I was simply not in the fucking mood for that shit. If he had disagreed in a civil manner I would have happily engaged in dialogue with him. But he didn’t and I sank to his level and I did it cause I love to make douchebags feel like douchebags.Your response was way better though.

  21. @wherethefishlives – I really wan’t that upset actually Sam. I laughed when I saw it. This was just my way of joking back. Same concept as the douchebag awards.I was way more pissed at this ScrambledMegznToast chick. Totally twisted me around.

  22. I didn’t think my comment was that bad.  I was just telling you what I thought of you.  I was surprised that you used vulgar language in your response to me.  To be honest, the fact that you created an entire post addressing my comment kind of seems like you’re being a crybaby about it.  I’ve been on Xanga for a few years now and I’ve received mostly positive feedback.  I’ve received negative feedback, too, but I’ve learned to let it roll off my back.Of course I’m not going to take the comments on this post seriously.  All these people are your fans and readers and, of course, they will fiercely defend you.  Though it wasn’t my intent, I’ve received many footprints on my blog from your site.  A lot of your readers have read my blog and have liked it and subscribed!I hope you enjoy all the wonderful praise that your fans have given you.  I’m sure that was your intent with this post.

  23. @manilajones – Look dude. I never had a problem with you and I still don’t to be quite honest. Your comment was a tad on the douchey side and to be honest it amused me. It amused me in annoying way, but it still amused me. There were no hurt feelings involved and I did not intend to hurt feelings by posting this response. Those who follow me know that this is the way I deal with douchebag comments sometimes. Your comment just tickled me so much that I had to share. If you read my tags I even said what my intent was. It was not to fucking cry about it. It was not to have people stroke my huge ego. It was just to take your comment, and have fun with it.If you don’t like me that’s cool. I can deal with that. But can you honestly sit there and say that you weren’t fucking with me a little bit by posting that comment the way that you posted it? Let’s be real.

  24. Also, I just wanted to make it clear that I’m not a troll.  I read and comment on a lot of Xanga blogs.  I don’t go around sniping at people.  99% of my comments aren’t as harsh, I suppose, as the one I left for you.

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