Straight From the Horse’s Mouth…

A while ago I did a post where I gave all you women a piece of my mind (The Fight for Equality). As a result, you were introduced to my mother. Her response to my “Fight for Equality” post was wildly popular and made women everywhere shake their heads and do the “mmmm hmmm” thing with their necks and fingers. (I could see you guys doing it, don’t front!)

Today I wrote a post about how I was raised to be “frugal”. My dad actually read this post and decided to weigh in with his two cents. So, ladies and gentlemen, I will now turn the mic over to my father…

dad amn i

Oh my god you cheap little bastard!!!

Okay the thing is that the whole time I was bargain hunting it was because I was also saving. Saving to buy a house. Saving for the day that my snot nosed brats would go off to college (nope not going there…). I squeezed out savings bonds for about 12 years and had stocks and insurance that I could borrow on to one day be able to give my babies what I had and more than when I was growing up.

I thought my mom was the cheapest penny pinching queen of all times when I was growing up and believe me it hurt her to see me squander money on bull crap, to the point that she even threatened to burn my shit sometimes because it was wasteful, vain, and most of all irresponsible . I didn’t get it then, but truth be told the tradition continued with us, because what I really learned is that when I didn’t have enough to take care of you brats my mom always did! And there you have it.

So pull up to the table boys and munch on some Kellogg corn flakes for snack and get your coupons and you’re vouchers ready because when you stop and look around – we are living much better than most! And we do have more and are wealthier because of it. I like the fact that I taught you not to be a dick with spending but where are my grandkids man? You need to give me that money that you save so that I can hook them up!

Baby if you aint saving with a goal then you are just a cheap ass, video game playing, xanga blogging fool.

I dont get nightmares over that shit! But I do pop the prozac over how you’re going to pay for your mortgage one day.

Listen I managed to save a few bucks over the years if you need therapy… -I can lend you some to get some help…

Love you babe – show me the money!



  1. My dad always told us off when we were kids for wasting money and he’d give us the “how important it is to save money speech”. Needless to say my brothers never learned but I as an adult now know how hard it is to save money but still I try and have done it. I don’t have millions but I have what I need for now. Great blog!

  2. Hi dad, from one of those video gaming xanga blogging fools.  Now I do draw the line at “cheap ass” though. After all, I do spring for premium , half the time I tip almost as much as I spend (pop another prozac on that?) I live in an awesome home, have pretty much everything I want, and I just as happily pay for dates if I happen to have more money at the time then the person I’m dating does (which is not unusual).  But do I get any brownie points for calling you handsome? You and your little dude too? 

  3. My dad is the same. He is always saving. I am now 22 years old and still don’t understand what he has been saving for? I have never seen any of his “savings”. lol.

  4. @vanedave – I say so. Trust me, I’ve seen FAR worse. NOBODY is perfect! I’d say based on what I’ve seen of your parents and how you talk about them, how you were raised, and the closeness of your family… well, you’ve got a way better deal than many people I know, despite the challenges you and they have also had. 

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