Paid to Write on Xanga

Alright so this is just an idea. I am just bouncing it off you guys.

What if xanga had a handful of bloggers each week/month that they made featured bloggers? They could concentrate on really driving traffic to these people and growing their names as brands. Even possibly pay them something small for the month they are featured. What if they were to do that?

Here’s why I think this would be so beneficial.

First off I think this would give talented bloggers who feel like they are constricted by xanga more incentive to stay. Sometimes people leave xanga for wordpress or blogger because they have more potential for growth on those sites. There is a better chance of becoming a mainstream blogger instead of just a popular xangan. Why should that be. If there are super talented people here, why should they have to go someplace else to spread their wings?

Second, I think this has the potential to attract new users. Do you know how many hits xanga could get by being in a “paid to blog” google search? ALOT! It also gives people something really tangible to shoot for. Even though it might be only a handful of people eventually chosen for a spot, there is still that possibility. It is just intriguing enough that people might take a chance.

Also the xanga front page could use this shot in the arm. 78 percent of users that visit xanga, go through the front page first. What the hell are they seeing right now? There is no continuity. People are attracted to brands. Look at youtube. How many users are being promoted heavily. People return to watch their favorites. The same is true with xanga. The only difference is that xanga does not really wield their “star power.” Some of the people I see on xanga are far more talented than most of the youtubers or blogspotters I have seen. The only difference is that nobody knows this.

Now I know this may cause some bitching, but what the hell doesn’t cause bitching around here. I know people would feel slighted, but I also know that the good would far outweigh the bad. We could really use something like this to jumpstart things around here. 

What do you guys think?



  1. One of the big problems I’ve noticed with “featured bloggers” is what you see from the top.  Simply put, rather than taking the time to actually write something worthwhile, most of the top bloggers here tend to write what they think their audience(s) want(s) to hear.  If money is thrown in as an incentive to blog, I think this would only worsen this situation.  I could be wrong, though.That said, it sounds like, at the least, an interesting idea.  More discussion is needed, I think.

  2. It’s an interesting idea.  Since people whined so much about top blogs as it is, I think they would just complain about this until it went away. 

  3. @radicalramblings – see this is where I disagree. The ish sites are separate from the rest of xanga. They are partitioned off. Featured bloggers are a part of the community. And a big part of the communtiy at that. Why would they have to take away from anyone? If anything I think they have the potential to help the community grow.

  4. @bibiker – how so? People can be on xanga for whatever reason they want. If you are here for you, then nothing will change. The fact of the matter is that xanga is losing out to some of these other sites and it is only getting worse. This is a way to combat that.

  5. @poet85 – this is why I think we should highlight worthy bloggers and not just individual blogs. The better bloggers here can blog about peanut butter and make it interesting. These are the people we should be rewarding. Not the people who just write a repsonse to a hot button issue. At least not only those people.

  6. I would support it. I just think that at the moment, Xanga’s a little too concerned with their ‘ish’ sites than driving good ol’ traffic to their normal bloggers.Also, cheese.

  7. I can just imagine even more bitching about not getting picked for being featured.Not going to pretend I know if it would work or not though.

  8. I think in a lot of ways it is a good idea. Part of me wants to say it would ruin the community feel as well, but I think the community would keep on rolling behind the scenes the way it already does. The difference would be the package people see on the front page.  I am tempted to refer people to my blog as a venue for my writing when I submit things to other publishing entities, but I have to admit that the questionable quality and substance of the featureds and ish sites makes me think twice. There are other sites that are pushing far higher quality. I love Xanga very much. I love some of my friends here as much as I do offline people. But when I think in terms of portfolio and accessability… I am not comfortable with the entire image Xanga has taken on. 

  9. If Xanga can barely pay its small staff (of what, 11?), I seriously doubt they’d be able to pay bloggers. Also, before you do anything regarding the technical aspect of Xanga, you’re going to have to change people’s perception of Xanga, which is “so middle school/2003”. I don’t mean to sound like an ass, but would you really be THIS concerned with the well-being of this place if you weren’t popular on it? If you’re good enough, you shouldn’t need Xanga to be a successful blogger. Dedicated users of the site don’t want to see it become the next YouTube or Facebook. They come here to write. Period.

  10. I told xanga they could own my site and get the profits from the google ads and just pay me a percentage if they turned me into an ish site and started driving traffic to my site in the same way they do the ish sites.  They could even make the bulk of the money and I could run a focused site.  I would also grow at 5 times the pace as the ish sites do and could write more focused posts if I was in that top rotating box.I have made the offer three times and xanga has never answered any of those emails.You realize xanga is not the best way to make money?  So the real issue is letting xanga make the money and letting us whore ourselves out. 

  11. @wherethefishlives – I am convinced that most xangan’s would give up the money and let xanga have it if they just had control of the site and could get the traffic.  Some of us are pretty sophisticated and could drive up ads through focused posts in a way that most of the xanga team could only dream about.  Plus we retain traffic at a larger scale than the ish sites.

  12. Not a fan of the idea.  Here is why:  Xanga is not looked at in the blogging community as a “blogging” site.  Most users post on here about their personal life, families, pictures etc.  They are not blogging in the truest sense.  Those who really like to read blogs find them either on more serious sites like Blogger or WordPress or they simply search the topic and find it that way.  More traffic comes to my site from those who searched the key words in my tags and found my topic which may or may not have been related to actual post.  Xangans really just want Xanga to be this hip hangout and social community.  The interaction on here proves that.  It is like a work place with gossip and a high school lunch room with some of the bickering and stalking.  Well…there it is…there is my opinion.

  13. I’m not going to lie here, when I decided to start a public xanga site, I did it because there was that goal to strive to become a top blogger.  And even though I am far from being one of those people, I have been featured twice.  And that’s cool. And that’s all part of what Xanga’s been trying to do to create the community feeling and all that… BUT It felt a lot more community like to me when ASM was around.  So a lot of people hated her, or loved her, but you’ll get that, being a top blogger.  So, I guess what I’m saying is, I agree with this.  I don’t think it would detract from a community feel because the idea of striving to become a top blogger and write well enough to be noticed was a strong goal for me coming here.  It’s not about popularity, it’s about striving to become a great writer and AFFECT people who are reading what I’m writing.  Maybe it’s a part of that whole, wanting to make a little difference in this world… either way though, I do agree.  And I also support keeping things around Xanga community-like, and I don’t think that would change.  Of course there would be people who complain and maybe that’s because they’re just jealous that they’re not “good-enough” but see… I feel like thats the sort of thing that we have to work for.  No one wants to work for anything anymore, it feels like and blame it on xanga instead of maybe taking a look at their own writing skills… and that in order to be noticed they need to get their name out there through comments and making friends around here on Xanga.  

  14. I think the challenge is, “who would they pick to pay?”  – the reality is we tend to put too much on thexangateam.  I’ve said that all along.When we had the same top bloggers each day/week on the front page – people complained.  Now a new grouping of people and new front page is what Xangateam provides, and people still aren’t happy.Maybe it’s time we step up to the plate and do it ourselves…I think that when people really know how to use the platform, as a premium member, you can get paid to blog.  The challenge then becomes, “how do I do that?”The goal then is to not just obtain traffic, but high quality traffic, and have ownership over your own ads on your Xanga site.Along with the goal, is to ensure that you know what keywords to use and to have a niche.Use of Facebook and twitter has garnered more traffic for my blog then ever being on the front page.Popular youtubers may not be the best at writing vlogs, but they understand two things:- the numbers involved in working the platformand- having a nicheUnderstanding those two things can get you paid big in the long haul.That’s just my two cents on the subject.  ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. What makes a blog “good” or “bad” is very subjective. A true writer doesn’t blog for comments or for hits, he or she writes because they have to. Getting comments, getting featured, etc. is just a perk. IMHO.

  16. The only thing I could say to “paying to blog” is that in order to make money, you must spend money.  I honestly don’t want to “pay”.  Maybe eventually, but as of now, there’s other things I need to spend my money on.  It is a good idea though.

  17. @trunthepaige – It makes no sense to me either.  If you look at the ish sites, they have been featured in the top rotating box all day and every day for almost a year.  A few of them have twice as many friends as I do and probably twice as many subscribers.Take a look at momaroo for a minute.  Xanga has been featuring them in their top rotating box plus giving them the top spot on featured content in their rotation for about a year or since October.  Now look at some of their posts on Monday.Here are a few of them:—need-advice/That one received 10 comments. one has 5 comments. one has 2 comments.Now many can remember when I used to post 6 weblogs a day.  I would get about 100 comments per post.  Have you noticed that about the only posts that get comments on the ish sites are the ones that are featured in the top rotating box?  If they are not in the top rotating box, they don’t tend to get more than 50 comments and in most cases will not get more than 20-25 comments.  The only exception to this is datingish.So xanga has been featuring these sites and they dwarf the amount of traffic driven to them than what I get.  I never had that kind of focused front page coverage and yet they are only getting 20-25 comments or less from posts that are not in the top rotating box?  What does that suggest?  It suggest that the ish sites have really poor retention.  Now look at Mancouch for a second.  Look at a few posts from yesterday. post received 5 comments. post received 22 comments.—a-month-away/That post is from Monday night and it received 13 comments.So you see that if a post does not make the top rotating box of the front page, it typically does poorly in comments.The friend total of Mancouch is over 40,000.  It is almost twice as high as mine.  Why are they getting so few comments?  The reality is the ish sites are failing if they are not in the top rotating box.  Why?  They are failing because people are running them that never ran sites on their own.  That is not being critical of them.  But no one editing an ish site has ever run a popular site or had to gain their own traffic.  It is a skill.  It takes a feel for the audience.  You bloggers that get traffic know what I mean.  You know what makes your audience mad.So I offered xanga the ownership of my site.  I said they should embrace the reality of me and just drive traffic to my site.  Let me pick the content and I will make it focused.  I will focus it on news or politics.  I will get better ads than the ish sites would if I focused only on content and they drove traffic to my site.I have made that offer at three different times.  Xanga has never responded to the emails.  I offered it to John in and IM and he said he would look into it.  That was about 8 months ago.But since then xanga has started a site called autisible.  That is run by Joel.  Now Joel and I are friends.  But even Joel would probably admit that I could drive 10 times the traffic to autisible than he can.  I could have everyone angry in seconds and still do it in a way that wouldn’t make us have the good ads taken away.  Because I know how to say it without actually saying anything.  I know how to push the buttons.Why did xanga offer Joel a site to be editor of that they would drive traffic to when I have been asking for longer?  I have no idea.  Again, Joel is my friend.  Now look at Revelife.  This is not about me.  I believe several xangans could do the same thing.  They know how to earn traffic.  It is a skill.

  18. That sounds like it would be beneficial to get more people to come to Xanga and stay here, but I personally would not be interested in participating in that myself.  I support your idea though :] 

  19. @edlives – I am curious because it would be nice to hear you answer a question directly.  Xanga set you up with an ish site that you edit.  That site is featured every day in the top rotating box.Do you support ordinary xangans getting ish sites like the one you were given and getting those sites featured in the top rotating box? 

  20. I think it would be a cool idea. Of course you would have people complaining if they weren’t picked to be featured, like people do now, but even more-so because there will be money at stake…but they can all quit their belly aching. 

  21. @TheTheologiansCafe – Revelife what a joke. I have less than 800 friends.  I did an entry that I personally think was damn good on the subject of understanding scriptures. On my site it had 80 comments 450 views. A lot of those comments said why doesn’t revelife run stuff like this. So I submitted it. On Revelife it got 20 comments and about 200 views. Reading around I saw that I average more comments, not counting the stuff they put on the front page than they do. 

  22. I myself don’t care about becoming some popular blogger, making any money on here or anything like that. I just like being able to meet folks from all over the world and see how they think and do things. We are all so much alike but so different too. For those who want attention, your idea would probably be good, but for folks like me that just like to make friends and enjoy a good friendship and talking about daily things in our lives,this would have no baring at all. I wish Xanga could make a buttload of money off my little corner, I would be happy for them and I wouldn’t expect a thing. I am in business for myself and what I do I try to make a living to take care of my family. I always appreciate ideas that would help me grow my business, and I’m sure Xanga probably appreciates our ideas.To me Xanga is like any business, if you have a good product, you don’t have to worry about how much money you make. The money comes in because you have a good product. If you start being greedy about the money, your product will suffer. I have seen it over and over in ANY business. 

  23. The only thing you can expect from people getting paid to write for Xanga is a massive amount of angry people. Most people on Xanga strive to get as many comments and rec’s as possible. When they submit a post for the front page, they flip out that it hasn’t been featured. Imagine how much more pissed off those people would get when they aren’t picked to get paid. They’d all claim The Xanga Team is biased and try to steal traffic from Xanga by going to a different site and asking their readers over.I don’t agree with your idea, but I like that you have an idea at all. Most people complain about Xanga and say it’s dying a slow death, but never offer a solution.

  24. i’m sure this is a lot better in theory than it would be in practice.  there’s a lot to say about channeling a lot of traffic through “name brands,” though.  that’s what YouTube does.  it works for them; it COULD work here… but Sam is right about Xanga’s image.  i sure wouldn’t join a site geared toward tween and teens.  had i known that about Xanga when i joined, i’m sure i wouldn’t have stayed.  that would need to change, depending on the audience they want.

  25. Awhile back, I had the idea of getting celebrity-types to choose a week of Featured: A recently published writer, a webcomic artist, etc, is invited to spend an amount of time rooting around xanga and finding entries they deem worth or interesting. It’d bring all kinds of publicity to all kinds of people, and would be a pretty darn fascinating social experiment / insight into their minds. I don’t know how they’d manage that without paying them, though, unless they gave them exclusive advertising on Xanga for that week? The author/artist/etc. would drive their fanbase over to Xanga, and Xanga would drive new fans over to the person! Also it would be REALLY DAMN COOL which is really my reason for wanting this, ha.

  26. @TheTheologiansCafe – “Do you support ordinary xangans getting ishsites like the one you were given and getting those sites featured inthe top rotating box?” – absolutely!  To be honest, I’m a bit surprised that your site isn’t an ish site still.However, as an editor of an “ish” site, I can tell you that even with all the traffic from Xanga – any ish site won’t stand on it’s own feet unless the editor hits the pavement and networks outside of Xanga.  So there’s still the coordination of the “ish” site and other sites like Twitter and Facebook.  Don’t be fooled, as the editing and scheduling are rather simple…it’s the networking and building the site that becomes the real “rubber meeting the road”.I believe when people really understand that just as much traffic can be garnered outside of Xanga, as within’ Xanga – there’ll be a paradigm shift in our thought on what theXangateam can really do for the ordinary Xangan.

  27. it seems to me that the Xanga guardians maybe should rethink what should be on the front page … something of substance that touches the soul, shares a moment, or inspires someone … seriously … just how important is a blog about someone who still is complaining because she looks like she’s 12 years old … sigh … I quit looking at the front page … 

  28. I’m slightly conflicted but if it were to happen (even though I’d never get on the front page) I’d do what Theo said and to just give it back to Xanga. @TheTheologiansCafe – You should make that an Idea and we’ll vote on it. Maybe then Xanga will respond to it. 

  29. @edlives – I could grow a site just by having two posts a day in that top rotating box and I could do it from scratch and have 100 comments per post in just a few weeks.  The problem is that most of the people editing those ish sites are sort of spoiled and I don’t mean that in a negative way.  They have free traffic.  They have never built a site to get a 100 comments without that top rotating box.  So they don’t know how to use it appropriately to build their site.

  30. @brittanymullins – No, they don’t. The only way to get paid for blogging is through the Google Adsense program. On Xanga, you first have to have Premium to enable that feature. Secondly, the income is so miniscule, there really is no point in having it. I took it off my site, because it’s straight up ugly and distracting. The ads pertained to nothing of any interest, so nobody would ever click on them. Even someone like Theo would only get two or three dollars a day MAYBE. I remember having it when I was featured on the front page. I’d get anywhere between 3-4,000 hits a day and would get something like $1.87.

  31. @wherethefishlives – You are correct.  In fact, I only made about $2000 on my blog last year and most of that was from a non google source.  I post less now and I rarely check it but I am sure I am at a $1 a day now that I post twice a day.  When I was at my highest amount, I was only making $3-5 a day on google ads.  I made more money off the videos I was posting but xanga wouldn’t continue to support the videos.

  32. If anyone wants to make a ton of money on the Internet, go to your employer and ask them if you can sell your company product on the Internet.  They of course will tell you yes.  Ask them if you can have a percentage of everything you sell on the Internet without telling them how much you can sell.  They will give you a percentage.  Then post your company product all day and every day on craigslist and ebay.  Figure out ways around their spamming systems.  You will make good money off the internet.Blogging will make most of you .02 cents a day.Everything I say in reference to xanga is traffic whoring.  It isn’t about the money for me.

  33. I don’t think being paid is even necessary, but i do think doing something to draw people into xanga is a good idea.  You want people to be fascinated enough to keep coming back and check on what’s new and what the creative people are doing.  I think the drawbacks are minimal compared to the benefits.

  34. Err…no. Xanga has enough problems keeping the TEAM on the payroll, what makes you think they can afford to PAY average writers. If you are legit, then you know where to go and get paid. 

  35. It’s an interesting idea.  Whether the site can manage it is another.  I used to write for themestream a long time ago, before my Xanga days, and they used to offer an incentive based on how many people read your stuff or subscribed.  It was really exciting and interesting, until the site closed down.

  36. It is my opinion that more often than not the most popular writers on xanga are not the best writers here.  Therefore who do they chose to pay?  The best writers?  The writers who have gained popularity through work (writing numerous posts, leaving many comments, spending a lot of hours on this website, buying plugz, etc.) but have less actual writing talent?  Under the current front page system you have dissatisfaction over which posts are featured.  Under your proposed system I really think there would be a lot of dissatisfaction over which posts xanga chose to pay for. 

  37. Dave, this is a very interesting idea. I understand your frustration with the front page, and couldn’t agree more. I also understand what Xanga is trying to do, but what kind of message does that send to those stopping by for the first time? It shows them that only crap is promoted here, not fantastic, or even mildly talented writers. Featured blogs, in my opinion, should be blogs that are not only fantastically written, but carry some sort of worthwhile message. With what I’ve seen lately, I no longer waste my time on it. Will your idea work, or even be accepted on a trial basis? Who knows? But, I agree with you that something should change for the better.

  38. with a brilliant mind, you sound sure of this concept. it seems that you have thought of it, before. do you own stock in Xanga? i’m trying to see how the money comes into play…

  39. I like.And on a totally unrelated topic… I’ve watched a few  videos you’ve posted, so I’ve heard your voice.  Today at work I  spoke to someone at our field support who sounded like you.  I never got his name, so maybe it was you (do you do field support?) Otherwise, I found your voice twin. 

  40. I like this idea much better than AdSense.@wherethefishlives – I don’t want to see it become like Youtube or Facebook in some ways, but Xanga obtaining the same popularity level would be nice. If you walk up to ten people on the street, and ask them what Xanga is, MAYBE one of them will know. If you ask them about Youtube or Facebook, they will definitely know, all of them. Xanga has been around longer than most of the blogging/social networking sites we have to choose from. Xanga needs to get out there and be a better product, fix the bugs, listen to the users, and then start some serious advertising. I’m fairly content with it, as it is, but it feels like it’s missing something, and I’m not referring to more comments.

  41. I think that the theory is great. But I am skeptical about how it would actually happen in practice. I can’t imagine the angst that would ensue when certain people were “featured.” Nor can I imagine the team having to “pick” people.The thing is, I just don’t know how many people will follow this. I don’t think some people comprehend what it takes to attract traffic. I mean, I’m not putting them down, I’m in a similar boat. I just can’t see people responding well to it when this would happen. You know? And the people should be happy, overall.

  42. I can’t say for sure if it would help or hurt, but it is interesting, and I like interesting… and penguins. So, I say, let them give it a try. I mean, if they try it out for, say, three months, and find that they earn a profit (both monetarily and otherwise) that way, then keep it. If not, then they can get it removed. Simple I think.

  43. I actually don’t mind the way things are here now, I like it in fact. :p I think I might’ve mentioned that before.However, I do think this is a really good idea. Another blogger on this site said that Xanga needed to do more marketing, and this is a good way to get started on that, too. What better way to advertise than word-of-mouth? And what better way for an incentive than to use money? I don’t very many people who don’t like money or couldn’t use money! ๐Ÿ™‚ Even if it is only just a bit.

  44. What do I think?This would be a neat idea, definitely.I like it. Also, though I would never leave Xanga for WordPress, I’m beginning to have a lot of respect for WP. I’ve seen 2 blogs already from WP that are way cooler than most of the Xanga sites I’ve seen.

  45. I sure know that I do a lot here, writing many reviews and first impressions for trailers, all for the sake of the 7 to 10 people that visit my site on a daily basis, if that. I don’t have to write anything. I don’t have to write reviews for games and movies and anime no one has heard about. I don’t have to subject myself to the rigors of the Critic profession. But I keep doing it, for free, on a weekly basis. I update more often than many of the other Xangans I’ve seen. Most of the top Review Blogspheres are held together by one or two people who update once a month, and the rest haven’t logged on in years. Just because I can’t find an image with just the right dimensions and file size, that means I can’t even promote myself within Xanga. Stupid incomprehensible, far too specific criteria.Anyway, perhaps it might promote the site as a whole, but what about the average user? Once they get someone on the front page as a regular columnist, that person won’t be willing to give up that spot for anything. They’ll keep their spot for as long as they are able, and deprive other small-time users like me from having any chance at all.

  46. I highly doubt that The Xanga Team would pay their featured users, but I think this is a great idea. Amd you’re right, lots of people pass through the front page first, so it needs to be made presentable.

  47. @Bluecho – well it won’t be up to the user how long they stay up. It’s a given time period and then it’s on to the next.@summerdreams505Aa – I don’t see how it would. The regular goings on around here would continue as they have been. It’s just the front page that will change. That doesn’t affect most users.@vampyrette – I know right! People keep missing the point and thinking this is about me looking for a payday. Fifty bucks is not going to change my life. This is about attracting people to xanga. That’s it.

  48. @LydJaGillers – see, this is not about getting paid. The idea behind this is that it will make ten times more money than it costs. This idea is about making xanga more marketable, not about putting spare change in my pocket.@woodrowwilson –  I am not happy with the front page so I am not arguing that they should be. However, there are some bloggers here that are worthy of it. Not because of one particular post, but because of a body of work.@lil_squirrel4ever – I think if they only pay a handful of people each month they can afford it. They would make more money off of this than they spend.@chadwilly –  First off nobody is asking you to pay anything. Second, it is not what gets featured now that I am referring to. There are some users here, that people really respect and enjoy. Not one particular blog, but the user’s writing as a whole.@ItsWhatEyeKnow – Take a look at youtube. Youtube has grown by making some of their people over there brand names. Does everybody agree that Phil DeFranco should be a featured Youtuber? No. But it works. Xanga could really benefit by doing something similar.

  49. @AnamcharaConcepts – Yeah you know what, a trial basis would be nice. I don’t see it happening either though.@tomakeapoint – No, I don’t own stock. I just want to see this place grow. I love it here, and I want it to be the best.@CircularParade83 –  lol. you found my voice twin I think.@Dare2BDiferentt – I feel like I just want others to know how great it is. People just blow it off all the time.@Laryssa – The xanga team already knows alot of the people who should be up there. They follow blogs too y’know. It wouldn’t be a perfect system, but it would be better. It would also be far better for attracting and retaining new users.@Loonsounds – You are absolutely correct. I’ve been to your blog before. Don’t tell me I’ve NEVER commented, cause then I’ll just feel horrible.

  50. I know you didnt say i would have to pay to read them, that was just my way of saying that i find most of the stuff on the front page to be a big pile of smelly socks. And i get downright confused as to how traffic makes a “top blog”. It just means that person has a lot of readers, which could be for a number of reasons, not just that they write great posts, take that TheosCafe dude, he gets in “top blogs” because people write comments such as “youre a fucking prick, I’m unsubbing you” hahaha.

  51. @vanedave – My thought is that if Xanga gets to be very popular through paid blogging and the resultant advertising expansion, certain entities will start to take notice, and close scrutiny will result. The ultimate censorship will ruin Xanga. It reaches a point that the owners have no choice but to comply with the wishes of the “establishment” or shut down. This has already happened to MySpace and YouTube. Both of those sites were pressured by State governments, among others, to report their users’ lists and limit content. If we want a forum for free speech, then Xanga should remain small and not be in “the limelight.” That is my opinion, take it or leave it, but Xanga is great the way it is, so please don’t screw it up. Thanks for asking.Frank

  52. @vanedave – Well, it seems obvious to me from the beginning that you were only talking about incentives to get users to come to Xanga. Not ridiculously large amounts of money that will enable someone to go out and buy a new condo…You’re right, fifty bucks isn’t going to make or break anybody’s piggy bank. :p I thought that was pretty obvious myself…

  53. @edlives – I must sheepishly admit I don’t understand your comment.”The goal then is to not just obtain traffic, but high quality traffic, and have ownership over your own ads on your Xanga site.”Is that to say you get paid more for quality traffic, or do you believe that quality traffic inherently draws more net traffics. From my own (rather weak) understanding of online advertising, volume (regardless of quality) is the holy grail.

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