Can I be in “The Clique”?

I consider myself a pretty active member of this blogging community. I blog pretty frequently and I even occasionally read others. It is not very often that I feel left out of the loop around here.

In the last few days I’ve heard alot of chatter surrounding a secret group of dastardly xangans who go around stealing smaller xangans lunch money and giving them swirlies in the bathroom. What the hell? How come I wasn’t invited? I want to pick on the peons around here too!

I feel so out of the loop.

Don’t try to tell me I am in this supposed “clique” either. The clique that runs dissenting xangans out of town. The clique that only reccomends “clique approved” content. The clique that secretly pulls the strings around here. I am not down with that clique. Who would my clique even consist of?

TheBigShowatud – So I suppose because we are friends, like as in we’ve hung out in real life on more than one occasion type friends, that makes us cliquish? Trust me guys, Matt has no interest in running shit around here. He has even less interest in rec’ing me most times.

WherethefishlivesI’m pretty sure Sam doesn’t even like me all that much. Most of the time we comment eachother’s pulses way more than we do eachother’s blogs. And recs are a rarity.

TheTheologiansCafe – Read the comments on my blog about Xangans Getting Paid if you wanna know how much power Dan wields around here. He is just a guy xanga. A pretty cool and smart guy if you pay attention.

Seedsower and Saintvi – A double dose of dastardly! Yep you don’t want to get on their bad side, lest they bombard you with homemade jam and other acts of kindness.

Paul Partisan – Look, for those of you who have not figured it out yet, Paul likes to stir the pot. It’s what he does. If he is being an asshat I tell him so. I think he gets wood off of that shit. I have been the victim of his shenanigans at one point or another. You know what I do? I say fuck em’ and I keep it moving.

So who else guys? MyxlDove? MrsProsa? AntiSoccermom? Who the hell is it? I am tired of speaking in code! Who are these bullies we hear speak of? Who is part of this “clique”?

Here is the truth. Not everyone on xanga is going to get along. Sometimes you find people on here that you just don’t mesh with. Chances are you may not mesh with their friends either. So the fuck what? People seem to have this notion that because I am a bit more popular on here, people kiss my ass, or people never disagree, or always like me. Then there’s the notion that people who don’t like me or disagree with me will be blacklisted or some crazy shit like that.

What the fuck are you people smoking?

Let me tell you about some of my best friends on here. My xanga cousins, Shirlann and TheLoquaciousLady, are two of my favorite people because they always tells me shit straight. They are not afraid to tell me when I am being arrogant, or offensive, or just plain dumb. Yet they always do so in an adult manner.

I am friends with the infamous c_jamaica, despite her early bitching at me. I am not one to block somebody for being a dick to me. I may have had to put her in her place a few times (and she has done the same for me), but we are now cool. She disagrees with me every chance she gets!

My best friend on here, Kalligenia, is still a quiet bystander in all of this BS. She has been here longer than me and always hears me speak of it, but she is always blissfully unaware. You can be friends with someone without being a fucking clique!

Now let me tell you what I do when I see someone just has it out for me. I fucking ignore them. I am not talking about when I get a douchebag comment per se. I find those hilarious for those of you who don’t know. I am talking about when someone is being disagreeable and jerky to the point where there is just no dealing with them….

…Just keep it moving. That’s all you gotta do.

Note: I am of course not talking about when someone is stalking you or something malicious of that nature. Unfortunately some things cannot be just ignored.



  1. I toss my underwear at you on stage and I don’t even get a groupie honorable mention?!?!  Pish posh, it has gone to your head! :p

  2. The only people I want to be in a clique with are Seedsower and Saintvi, they come with tasty benefits…… This is the same thing that was going on when i first got here about a year ago, its the Evil Xanga Clique…there are t-shirts…you can purchase them from the BFN Store , really, you can!

  3. You caught me, Dave. I am part of the evil Clique and we unanimously voted to NOT include you. Plausible deniability and all that jazz. Truth is, I only visit your blog because some of the hottest women on Xanga comment here. And I’m deathly jealous of that fact.

  4. heh I saw Dateline last night about this lonely boy who wanted to be in a clique so bad.. He got his wish.. and he slaughtered some people for acceptance.. I never understood that “need”…  I think douchebag comments are the best lol.

  5. I have a confession. I’m part of the evil Xanga-running clique.Or at least that’s what people have told me. It was news to me, as I thought all I ran was an odd little fantasy football league and my own humble site. But apparently the fact that I’ve had a few posts land in featured content and have an opinion that some people disagree with means I’m part of some secret cabal running Xanga and preventing it from becoming a paradise where everyone is free to express their mind without ever having to be confronted with the idea that someone might actually have a different opinion.I suppose I could try to use my power for good, like make Xanga’s down times shorter (which, of course, happen when I accidentally hit the “make Xanga go offline” button I never realized I had). But that would be work and wouldn’t be very fun. And I have a real job. And a fantasy league. I suppose I could at least show up to the evil Xanga-running cabal meetings. It’s probably the least I can do to give toward the cause of oppressing the masses

  6. i’m not sure of what kind of double talk you speak, but you sound just as familiar to me as the rest of the xangans i call friends. so why then do you complain? because beneath the surface of the words, you have already “cliqued” with whoever has eyes and ears to see. 😉 ;p o: ;

  7. Hey Cousin Dave! Ya know Ah luh yew, right? Now (said in a very adult manner), We’ve all blogged ad nauseum about Xanga. You do it better than most. But I like reading about vanedave when I come to this page, and I know a lot of other people do, too. You’re funny, you’re smart, and you have amazing cousins . Come on…(holds out a plate of beignets)… blog about Dave’s life and Dave’s thoughts again, won’t you? I think everything that needs to be said about the current state of The Community has been said. Please, with sugar and whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles?

  8. I agree with Shy and Sad/Melissa_Orchid. Though, while I agree with her, there’s cliques in every social setting and there’s more than one here on Xanga. What do you think a blogring is? LOL I mean we’re all puzzle pieces and we’re all going to fall into place.

  9. I’ve seen a couple of newbies get hammered into the ground by a big name blogger in here more than once just because they questioned or defied a person. It’s pretty disheartening to a new blogger when all of a sudden 100 people attack them, following their leader blindly, making a new person’s visit here miserable.  I can see why some people quit, give up and just say fuck it. The bigger bloggers should have the decency to admit when they’re wrong and quit using “thug” tactics and enforcement to get rid of someone that has exposed their mistakes, lies, etc.  Nope, it’s send in the Trolls and wreak havoc on some unsuspecting newbie. I’ve seen it happen.  Words get twisted, posts and comments magically get edited or disappear. I’ve seen a lot in the past 9 months or so and am much more wary about what I say and to Whom.    You’re right though. All you have to do is walk away when dealing with a simp.   Stick to having fun with your friends and keep the criticizing down. If everyone did that, Xanga might become a better place.   Another great one senor, ST

  10. @vanedave – See, this is why I’m not scared into rec’ing your posts like all the other brainless masses.  No one rejects my panties – beware a woman scorned!

  11. Oh, and don’t forget “needy!” Jess and I are also prone to telling you when you’re being an attention whore, honey. Thanks for the shout-out, honey. I know I’m living proof that you don’t block people who disagree with you; and you don’t just have friends who are young & cool like you. 

  12. I prefer to think I’m part of a quiet but slowly growing NICHE…not a clique…’cause you know me and the other kids aren’t “popular” yo. That just wouldn’t be cool xDCome on Dave, you know you’re hearted on xanga. >_> I’m sure if this mythical “evil power xanga clique” shows up hundreds will amass to your defense against them. (It’s only a matter of time ‘fore they’re jealous of your powaaahful words and fangirls, ya know?)

  13. You know that is not me Dave. I don’t play well with others always… It’s like the movie Heathers.. I would be Veronica…and you do know I was only being playful with my shenanigans and you.

  14. ha, they do.  a couple in-person meetings, and they think we’re brothers.  IT’S COS WE’RE BLACK, ISN’T IT?  seriously, though, i knew nothing of this clique chatter until i read this.  obviously, i have nothing to do with it.

  15. **Goes off to search for blog about Xanga bullies and whatever else spawned this post** **Gives up**I wish you guys who post about drama would at least direct us to the drama. Yes, I like the entertainment.

  16. Exactly. I’m always left in the dark as to who, exactly, is supposedly carrying out this dastardly conspiracy against the rest of us. Maybe I’m always in the dark because I don’t pay much attention to the machinations going on most off the time. 

  17. hm when i first read the title of this blog without reading what you wrote first, i thought you were talking about that book “the Clique” that everybody i knew was obsessed with when i was in middle school. and my reaction was – what…. but i hear you. it’s just the internet people.

  18. I’m kind of glad you described me as “infamous”. I like that. Also, yes, I do disagree with you every chance that I get…and sometimes they are for your own good. Thank you for not blocking me despite my bitching. I treasure people like that. The “blocking button” is too overrated. People would immediately block you just coz they don’t like you, or what you say or if they think you’re boring. I actually blocked a few people in the old days, but I unblocked them all.I love everyone on here…and those you mentioned. Eh, even if sometimes I disagree with them or something. (Because if you love everyone and you love everything about what they say or do – where’s the fun in that? Differences are what makes LIFE fun! You can get to debate, scream, be nasty or whine…it’s all in good fun, baby!)I find Dan very mysterious. I always make comments on his blog entries (even way back then), but I believe he only replied to me once. And…before I forget, Dave…I have always thought you to be a DJ, not a comedian.

  19. I don’t like you? Huh, that’s news to me. Why am I not in the same category as Shirlann and Jess (aka people who tell you “when you are being arrogant, or offensive, or just plain dumb”)? I kind of wish you had messaged me about this instead of telling everyone something that’s untrue and bolding it in red. Sorry you think that.

  20. whaaat, i have heard nothing of a clique! clique is the a frigging great word, by the way.i have noticed lots of metablogging lately though. which i love, who doesn’t love metablogs?! it’s like, “hi, i’m going to sit down in front of this here desk and write about pens and paper!”

  21. You know, I hadn’t even heard about this. Maybe in my obliviousness I’m like, the village idiot of the clique…or the clique idiot…Whatever.This shit’s retarded. Once again, you break it down just right.

  22. Kewl Post, I’ve never understood why I can’t be in the clique, perhaps I understand that the harder you try the quicker you burn out.  Run ’em hard, you do a good job, and I like your sensibilities in what you say, moderate, humorous, and even enough to be called sane.  Keep it good, and you’ll have peeps looking after you.  You’re good.Love, and Peace.

  23. I’ve been hearing a lot of mention about this clique too, but I know nothing about it. I don’t even know how that would work. Seriously though, a Xanga clique? That sounds SO incredibly lame!

  24. WTH? My feelings are hurt. I am not in the clique? Fine. I will create an Axis of Evil Xanga Clique. Take that sucka! (I really need to lay off reading blogs late at night…)

  25. @Persiankitty – haha. The evil Xanga clique came about a year or so ago when people began complaining about the things Dave points out. It was silliness. Saintvi still has her old Evil Xanga Clique profile photo somewhere I think…

  26. I am so clueless…. I think I must have missed the clique entirely… guess I was just too busy clicking with all the quieter more interesting Xangans….. ooops will I get bumped off Xanga for saying that?…… hiding from the EXK……..

  27. Sorry, but yes there are cliques.  You are right that just because you’re friends with someone doesn’t mean you’re in a clique, but what does constitute you being in a clique, is who and what you comment on!  I hate to say this, but I have been on here for some time now, and had you as my friend since day one.  I used to be JewJewBeeDragon, in case you forgot… Anyways, my point is, I frequent your blog… a lot.  I have commented and the truth is, I never see you on any of my posts.  Why… because I’m not part of the “clique”.  I’m not complaining, I’m just disagreeing.  I could give two shits if you read my stuff or not.  I enjoy reading your posts, that’s why I come back.

  28. WOO I love this! I hate cliquishness. It makes me angry and i agree wholheartedly with you. By the way, I don’t think c_jamaica is as bad as people are making her out to be. I’ve read her blogs, she doesn’t seem like such a bitch even though some of her comments I’ve seen may be a little uncalled for. And I don’t know you too well, but I don’t think  I could see you in a “xanga clique”

  29. Oh, no! There’s an evil xanga clique? Do they have Daleks? We’re all doomed! Somebody call Doctor Who!I have to say, I really enjoy your posts vDave. And your blog is the only one where I actually read the comments. This one just made my day.

  30. Maybe this is just me, but I’ve never felt the need to “put someone in their place”, or tell someone they’re being arrogant, or dumb, or anything. At least, not in a sincere, “Wow, this person is totally going to listen to me and totally take my personal critique and shape the fuck up!” way. As someone that is not actively involved with Xangans, I can safely say I *can* see how people might think some of the bigger bloggers are in a clique. It’s like fucking high school on here! I see posts where names are in bold and linked to that person’s site, and there’s a lot of “Oh, you! Dave! You!”s going on in the comments. Maybe I’m missing some level of Xangan friendship, but all these lists of big name bloggers and casual jokes and referring to each other by first names? And then you post up comments you thought were douchebaggy and have your friends reply to them?? Come on, man. This is all so high school, it’s not even funny! Tell me you can see where I’m coming from.I have friends in real life from Xanga. Hell, I’m engaged to someone I met here. But I will never chum around with them inside my site, because I don’t see that as the purpose of a blog. I have the phone if I want to get chummy. I have my blog to write about things that interest me, not to broadcast how many popular Xangans I have a personal relationship with. Hey, whatever floats your boat. It’s your blog.

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