A Return to Relavancy…

So back in the real world, I got to meet some really cool people yesterday.

Seedsower and Saintvi made their way up to NYC yesterday and we got to meet up at Xanga HQ. I had never met anyone from the xanga team except for John. It was alot of fun.

First we met up for lunch with Natalia and Matt of the xanga team. Natalia was such a pleasure. She is just as nice and cute as she comes across in her blogs. Matt was a little shy at first, but he ended up opening up a bit more after he found out I went to Binghamton University (which is where he is currently at). As for Beth and Vi, it was a real trip to meet them. Beth made a remark at lunch about how she was so accustomed to my voice already from watching my videos. For me it was the complete opposite. Beth had the voice I was expecting Vi to have and Vi had the voice I was expecting Beth to have. It was funny to us damnit! Whatever.

After lunch we headed back up to the xanga office to meet some of the rest of the team. Everytime I would introduce myself I would just say, “hey I’m Dave.” Then Beth would come over and be like “this is VANEDAVE guys”, and they would be like “oh VANEDAVE! Well then!”

It was so embarassing.

It was also weird in a way because even though they knew me, I had never really interacted with any of them except for Joe (formerly joeorsometimesjesus, now caveatraptor). It was just kind of cool to think that they read me is all I guess.

Speaking of weird, I found out that John has a twin brother. I was talking to Eugenia when he came over and said, “Dave or vanedave is it? Nice to meet you.” Then he stuck his hand out to shake my hand. I thought it was John being cute so I slapped his hand away. It took me a little while to figure out that it was not John fucking with me. Sorry bout that.

To wrap up the evening, Beth and Vi came out to see one of my shows! I was so happy that they made it out. As a bonus EllisAngelos also made it out. She was awesome too. She is a talker, but it’s not boring chatter.

As for the show itself, it went well. I had a pretty good set and the audience was really good for the most part. The one blemish on the night is a big one though. One of the comics that went before me did one of my jokes. My girlfriend and my friend Alex wanted to jump him after the show. They were PISSED!!! I will post more about this tomorrow I think. I want to end this on a positive tip.

So to Beth, Vi, and Ellis, thanks so much for coming out last night. It was a real thrill to perform for you guys. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 



  1. I keep meaning to make time for an HQ visit on my next NYC trip…but that would mean taking time away from my precious Brooklyn bar-hopping. OH GOD TIME MANAGEMENT I AM NOT GOOD WITH THISWell, I do owe Natalia a beer, at least.

  2. It sounds like a good night was had for sure. I would love to meet the people behind Xanga, however a trip to NYC is substantially out of my price range. Sigh.Cheers,Taylor

  3. That sounds like so much fun!!! I would love to go check out Xanga HQ sometime, and Im in the area, so i should take advantage!-I hope I see a show before I move, too!

  4. Boo on that shady comedian for stealing your joke. I’m glad you had fun otherwise. And I think it’d be weird to be called your xanga name rather than your real name, especially since your real name is in your xanga name. Psh =)

  5. if a man showed up at your hq with no shoes and a smell so lovely it would make you puke…would you turn him away?

  6. ryc:  going places?  psh.  Xanga is taking me, nowhere.  that’s how i look it.  this is all just fun times until the next ‘net fad lures me away with promises of long-distance friendships and adsense riches.

  7. Dave ,it as a real pleasure to meet you,I am so pleased that it worked out to go to the show and I was mad at him for stealing your joke…Vi and I looked at each other! 

  8. I wish I could have come! It sounds like you guys had a blast!So did Bob shave his head? Or did John grow out his hair?  Cause when I met Bob that’s how I knew he wasn’t John… He had hair! Glad you had fun D!

  9. @TheBigShowAtUD – Well i’m not money around here so they didn’t really know who I was so that was awkward… it’s like Cant buy me love.. when he walked through the halls with the most popular girl in school for the first time.. jigga who? they were all really nice though. 

  10. If I was allowed to cross the border I’d love to come there and see the show and meet other people from Xanga. Sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe I can sneak across in Beth’s trunk?????  

  11. It sounds like such a cool experience to walk into the xanga office and talk to people who have read your blog!! I’ve never been to the East Coast, but I’m going there on a family vacation in less than a week. I wonder if my family would be willing to include a detour to Xanga HQ. Hahaha. 

  12. I talk so stinkin’ much! I’m glad that you enjoyed our conversation, though. Sometimes I get nervous about the fact that I talk a lot, but it’s all worth it as long as the other person is enjoying the conversation. I guess, according to Vi, I’m a heckler. I didn’t even know! I just like interacting with people, maybe too much.  I can honestly say that you were a pleasure to speak with. Now I’m trying to get back into my blogging groove. I know it’s in one of these boxes somewhere. *rummages around under the bed*@RaVnR – I love meeting Xanga people. Vi is like a second mother to me, truly. I’d really like to visit Texas sometime, but I don’t know if/when I can. :-/ Thanks for all of the love. I’m sincerely grateful for your friendship. *hug!*

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