Killing You With Kindness

Another day in the life.

Well the highlight of yesterday was when it was over. I knew it would be a long day, and that it proved to be. I have to be honest with you guys, if it wasn’t for all the venting you allowed me to do, I might have ended up doing bodily harm to somebody. (Lazy ass Dunkin Donuts worker, I am lookin’ at YOU!!!)

So many of you guys left me really nice comments yesterday, despite the fact that you knew you were about to be insulted. It was really touching to say the least. Made it kinda difficult to keep up with the insults. I know some of you were doing it on purpose too. By the end of the comments, I was running on empty. Instead of completely bitter, I felt completely better.

Time to even things out a bit. I really laid into some of you guys and I want the chance to make up for it. So I am switching things up.

Leave any comment on this blog and I will reply with a compliment. Seriously, you could just say “hi”. 

Alright. Let the niceness begin.

(Ack, I already know how much some people are gonna hate this post! I think it’s making me a little nauseous already.)



  1. I believe….you didn’t mean any of this. You’re really a white-trash woman in her mid-to-late-30s with no future in your life….just trying to make all our lives miserable. (ha. trump that.)

  2. @shatterFocus – ahh come one. So now you’re insulting me to make the compliments harder. You are so cute you know that? Just a delightful joke!@C0ll33Ncorps – You are not repulsive in the least bit. You are actually rather pleasant to interact with.@Unstoppable_Inner_Strength – Okay, but just for you. I don’t want people getting any funny ideas here.@AnamcharaConcepts – No I really do. It wasn’t easy insulting some of those people who I like. You on the other hand… wait a sec, which one of you is this. I only like one of you. @sweetlovinlife – And I am glad to see you this morning. It really is always nice to see you. 

  3. @joyouswind – Why thank you. I am so glad that I was able to provide you with that laughter. @edlives – Is it celebrating being you. Cause really that is something worth celebrating Joel.@elelkewljay – You know I love you Thu. I’ve always thought your sn was cute too. And your comment was particularly enjoyable yesterday.

  4. well, hello there. i’m totally going to take advantage of this. maybe you can return my high-five this time. πŸ˜€ (but i’m totally not letting you off the hook if that’s all you do) ;D

  5. @joyouswind – Why thank you. I am so glad that I was able to provide you with that laughter. @edlives – Is it celebrating being you. Cause really that is something worth celebrating Joel.@elelkewljay – You know I love you Thu. I’ve always thought your sn was cute too. And your comment was particularly enjoyable yesterday.

  6. hah, now I feel bad for calling your mother a snow-blower when others took the opportunity to be nice. Darnit.So, I’ll make sure to reverse things this time: I’ve watched some of your comedy when you link youtube, and I think you’re pretty funny.

  7. @TheMochaPeach – You seem like a lovely lady and I am glad that we are new friends. (No seriously, this is not going to end well for me.)@bamzilicious26 – You have a very positive vibe about you. It comes through in your writing and even in your comments. Now if you can reach my hand you can have that high five.@Melosa – Well it takes wise women like you to keep me from drowning in that negativity. It is far easier to be nice to you anyway. I was happy when you didn’t comment yesterday cause then I would have been stuck trying to think of something mean to say to you.@SladeTheGreyFox – haha. You are always so delightfully precocious. @NikBv –  Why thank you. And may I say that visiting your blog (on the occasions that I do) is always a pleasure.

  8. dude, unfortunately i have been blessed with the gift of kindness through the medium of drama. and so it seems you have been as well. and i love your drama because it sounds like you are correlating to the deepest meaning of your Life and your everyday being!i can’t wait till we meet! you seem to have an uncanny understanding of what it means to be a moron, in laymen’s terms that is…. ;

  9. @ModernBunny – You know you wouldn’t heckle me. And I wuoldn’t heckle you either. You are one of the people I respect the most around here.@AnamcharaConcepts – Okay I lied. I really like you both. You guys make it a bit more tolerable to be around here most days.@StewieIsMyHero –  See how cool I think you are? I can’t even insult you properly cause I like you so much.@son_of_sparda91 – And thank you for the assist. Man, what did I get myself into? I thought giving all those insults was difficult! Geez!@just_the_average_jane – No need for that Jane. I don’t need any extra reason to compliment a lovely lady such as yourself.

  10. dude, I read your post from yesterday, after i read this one. I could not help it but to give it a good chuckle.Im glad you felt better after abusing all those people trying to help you.That last sentence, taken out of context would be so fucked up.LOL

  11. That’s so sweet. And believe it or not, I’m not even fishing for compliments! In fact, don’t compliment me…………….. umm… Maybe just a little compliment? Uhhh, what the heck, go for it! I’m glad we made you feel better! It’s a pretty cool idea to ask people to allow you to insult them to make yourself feel better. Do I have permission to borrow it?

  12. @mustardcat – That is one fine looking mini from one fine xangan!@lightscripture – Well that certainly was nice of you to read my last post. Then again, you seem like a nice person so I shouldn’t expect anything less.@sweet_sinceritee – Before I compliment you I have to know if you are a Cowboys fan along with Dan.@saintvi – I will compliment you by letting you know that you were the hardest person for me to insult yesterday. I just stared at the comment box for like five minutes… woman!@bamzilicious26 – yes. that was a short joke.@MomoLikesChoco – May I just say that you have one of the cutest pages on xanga. It’s just bursting with cute.@grandmakitty – Aww. Sorry you missed out. I miss seeing you around here. You are always good for a chuckle or two. (I should probably visit more often myself)@flashbulb100w – I really like the quote in your header.

  13. @vanedave – Actually, Dan is a Chargers fan; I simply maligned him for my own purposes!  ha!   “Am I a Cowboys fan,” he asks.I am a tried and true, dyed in wool, navy blue blood runninng through my veins, Star over my heart, galloping, Troy Aikman/Emmitt Smith/Roger Staubach lovin’, jalapeno eatin’ Dallas Cowboys fan!! I LOOOOOVE me some Cowboys, pardner!   Weee-hawww!  How ’bout them Cowboys?!    ….still got a compliment for me?  LOL

  14. @OhItWontBeForever – In lue of a compliment I will give you permission to borrow the idea. Ahh what the hell, you always leave me the sweetest compliments. Thank you.@happyworld_ofharibo – You did more to make me feel better than anyone yesterday (Outside of my gf that is). Thanks for having fun with me.@Jaynebug – lol. You weren’t around yesterday. You know you are my xanga refuge. I really don’t think I could have insulted you anyways.@x_crashACID – I actually really enjoy Canarsie. I play football around there during the fall sometimes.@crazyed18 –  Happy belated birthday. July 16th is a good day. My grandpa was born on that day.@haloed – here’s hoping you get that phone you want. You are not at all bad for xanga btw. You are one of the good ones.@AlterEgo909 – lol. I meant to tell you I really liked the Michael Vick post. I was gonna PM you cause it was featured and it had like a bunch of comments. I have a response of sorts that I think you’ll enjoy.

  15. @vanedave – heehee, you are welcome. I will admit to greatly enjoying your insult days. Its good practice for me. I actually take even the smallest insult or criticism straight to heart, so things like that help me not to take everything quite so personally. Plus I never insult anyone seriously in case it makes them feel bad so I enjoy pretending to do it. 

  16. @vanedave – See….that’s where you have never encountered a “real” Cowboys fan.  We do not get “depressed”, nor do we give up.  We know there is always another game, another season, another player (Dang, though, I already miss my T.O.  sniff!), whatev.  Winning or losing, I be loving them.  I don’t care who the coach is or who the starting quarterback is (though Romo is really pushing it with his inconsistency).  As long as I have my nachos (cheese and jalapenos) and my ‘Boys, life is good….and as long as they never change out those silver pants.  Cowboys are stylin’!!  πŸ™‚

  17. I’m happy that you are feeling better. If you are sick of saying nice things by now you can skip replying to this one. Looking forward to the next laugh….

  18. @shards_of_beauty – Well lucky for you you visited this post you sexy thang you.@echois23 – You know something? It’s consideration like that that makes me like you so much.Okay I am getting ready for dinner. Time for a speed round@florida2008 – You are beautiful in every way,@Undercover_Librarian – People love you for you. @another_rebel_without_a_cause – Even though I may hate your team, I really like you man.@Kalligenia – coem on C. I won’t even bother here. @Roadlesstaken – You seem like a cool guy to have a beer with. @romansbaby01 –  Write consistently and comment consistently. People will see how awesome you are eventually.@jacksoncroons – Ahhh this niceness is killing me now. lol. Thank you. You are always such a sweetheart.

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