White People and Hypocrisy…

I really shouldn’t be blaming white people for this, but in my experience the only people I’ve seen guilty of what I am about to discuss are fat white ladies. So before I go any further, let’s just acknowledge the fact that I am ignorant to the fact that people who belong to other ethnic groups do this.

Now with that out of the way, I have a question for all you white people;

How is it that Michael Vick got sentenced to two years in FEDERAL PRISON for abusing dogs and yet we allow shit like this to go unpunished? 

rooster poodle

The man gets a public flogging, loses a 135 million dollar contract (plus another hefty contract from Nike), has to do community service for like the rest of his life, and yet we say nothing to whoever is doing things like this to animals?

peacock poodle
See! It’s a fat white lady!

Then to make matters worse, these people even get rewarded for abusing their poor dogs in this manner! Has no one from PETA heard about these competitions yet?

Dragon Poodle
Look at that shit! A plaque and a trophy! That dog looks miserable!

I’ll go one further and bet you that this broad right here is probably head of the PETA chapter for her county! She was probably the first one to protest when Vick got out of jail! Some fucking nerve she has!

panda poodle panda poodle snail

This blatant hypocrisy needs to end people. Whoever this bitch is, I move that we take all her money, beat her in public, and then rescue these poor dogs so we can give them a normal haircut. As many of you know, I am a standard poodle owner myself. It breaks my heart when I have to look at things of this nature.

Ninja Turle Poodle
This ain’t right I tell ya! It’s an insult to dog lovers and Ninja Turtle fans everwhere!

This is a call to action people. I can’t go at this alone. If you are aware of one of these abusive fat white ladies in your neighborhood then come forward and put a stop to their evil deeds.

Help me raise awareness.These dogs are counting on us!



  1. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOLY SHIT this is funny, ho man I was NOT expecting this when I read the title ahahahahahahaha

  2. thanks for making me aware. for the most part, in the eccletic community that i live in, the animals are treated fairly. but i will be on the lookout for the “fat white people” syndrome and point out the obvious flagrant foul.

  3. The Ninja Turtle one is funny. Not a big fan of Poodles but this is torture. && PETA is dumb. they want to rid households of all “domestic” animals and put them back in the wild. >_>

  4. Michael Vick, i think, had an enemy or two.  When they pile on federal time like that out of proportion that’s usually the case.  Since i’m a Falcons fan i didnt like it much either, and i love animals as much as anyone else.

  5. @Paul_Partisan – you need to talk to your women Paul.@haloed – yep. That is sort of the effect I wanted.@rhiannonator – I know right. Leonardo was a proud leader. That shit is just pitiful right there.@LonerB – haha. I don’t know how the hell this lady got her dog to stay still for all of this. probably drugs.@C0ll33Ncorps – that they do.@xxquarterlifecrisisxx –  You should report those people. Or give them a good beating yourself.@mustardcat – Good to know that. Good to know you are not evil.

  6. Oh my! That is funny! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I had no idea. You know, a human can do this to their own hair any day of the week and I don’t care, it’s their choice. But a dog dosn’t have a choice. I wonder what the dogs down the street think of these barbie dogs?

  7. And standard poodles are real dogs, smart ones, that would like to be out doing the same things Labs do. “I will show you where the birds are, you kill them and I will bring them to you.” ‘Then we can play ball and wrestle’. . . Real dogs. Not stupid dolls for stupid people to play with. 

  8. @NowAndForeverTonight – yep. Someone showed me the AOL article today. Made me go do some research.@Made2sing4Jesus – @OhItWontBeForever – No the dog is on a table. She is not carrying it. lol.@caminjammers – thank you for helping to spread awareness.@saintvi – And commemorative plates for every occasion.@StewieIsMyHero – You don’t understand because you are normal. Well, somewhat normal at least.@Made2sing4Jesus – haha. That is a good point. This woman is going to turn into a Ninja Turtle. That would serve her right!

  9. Well, plainly these dogs are only suffering from EMOTIONAL abuse.  We all know emotional abuse is not the same as physical abuse.  Emotional abuse is all in your head.  Or in this case, all in the head of fat white women.

  10. I would never do that to my dog, not would I subject it to having that done. However, if someone can convince a Standard Poodle, a dog bred for hunting and retrieving to stand for as long as it takes to produce that “art”….then more power to them, they aren’t injuring the dog after all.

  11. I have never done these things to a dog and I never would, but I still hate this post because I believe it makes light of the TOTALLY PERNICIOUS SHIT that Vick did.

  12. Man, people absolutely hate Mike Vick right now, but he served his time and is paying his debt. And anytime you dress up a dog like that, you’re not doing that for the dog’s sake. Poor creatures.

  13. This is absolute insanity!  I bet my german shep would have a nervous breakdown if he even saw one of these atrocities!  The poor buggers are mentally scarred for life now. 

  14. Wow. I have no idea what possesses people to “groom” their dogs like that. I mean, sure, I’ll grant that dogs aren’t people, but they also aren’t toys either.(And personally I think Michael Vick has every right to pursue a career that utilizes his God-given talents now that he has paid his debt to society.)

  15. @randomneuralfirings – at least you admit he owed a debt to society for the fucked up shit he did.personally, I think plenty of the dogs in the photos here are just fake stuffed fake dogsand for god’s sake vanedave, what’s race got to do with this?????????????????????????

  16. @kidzandK9z – true, what you say, the dressed up dogs are not being harmed nor taught to be mean and fight. And, in the case where these photos are real (not so many, in my opinion), they are not damaging the dogs, nor encouraging them to be mean ass fighters. my little pitt bull had a heart of gold. he loves every body person and dog alike. this blog just pains me no end.  hate me if you like VD I think this post sucks and is racist to boot

  17. @Loonsounds – I agree with all that, and Im not saying that any of it is OK, but we cant all assume that what we believe is right……..I choose not to read the blogs that offend me or that I dont agree with, especially if we cant debate in a mature way, ya know?

  18. OMG I have never seen anything so funny.  I’ll have you know that I’m a fat white lady and I would never do this to a dog.  Furthermore, I think Vick served his time and I’m looking forward to having him play for my city.  Trust me, all he has to do is make a few good plays and everyone will forget all about everything else. 

  19. I wonder if it’s part of a therapy thing for…I don’t know…hm..lack of expression as a child? Poor dog.  Bet they don’t get to dig in the dirt and roll in smelly things.

  20. I think I’m not supposed to laugh…. but I can’t help it, cause you’re so damn angry!In all seriousness, give her a doo (GET IT?! lol), and she’ll know what it’s like.

  21. Because they arent physically putting those dogs in pain like Vick was. those white ladies aren’t killing their dogs. And btw I know a black lady that does crap like that to her dog

  22. Michael Vick made dogs kill each other. That is soo different then dying your dogs hair. Not saying that its okay. But making dogs kill each other is way worse. He desirved to go to jail. And personaly I think he should have had to stay in jail longer.

  23. And note. This is a racist post. And mean to bigger white women. And I dont care if you call me racist or not but black people always try to find some white person who did something wrong when one of there own kind [that sounds bad but i didnt know how else to put it] does wrong just bc a black NFL player was KILLING dogs doesnt mean white people are the ones making them look funny. Please. And note again…If you do call me racist then you must have not saw my page. [look at the my pic:)]

  24. Dude, I wish I could give you like 100 million eprops for this post.  First off, I know these photos were not suppose to make me shoot Mt Dew out my nose, and tears of laughter to stream down my face.  But they none the less did.I only ask, next time you have a photo of a ninja turtle dog warn a brother.  Damn, I had a mouth full of Mt Dew, and it all came out my nose on that dog.  well on to the monitor which is now in need a good cleaning.thanks for the morning laugh.this post rocks

  25. I say with hit her with a bus full of standard poodles. and “groom” her to look like a ninja turtle before we do it.

  26. A person that watches other dogs killing eachother is not anywhere close of what these women have done with their own dog’s. It’s not what I approve of either, but certainly not close to what that football player had done.You posted “take all her money, beat her in public” So you really think that is a human thing to do??? I might add, your mouth & speech is far Worse than any picture of what you posted. I agree with the comments made by: iilyraiin121006 —

  27. @iilyraiin121006 – @dramatickidd – thank you for pointing out the obvious. @TheSilentRapture – haha. No it did not. They were all over the place.@iilyraiin121006 – aww. You shut your site down. Shame 😦@PeanuttJones – haha. I will remember to put that warning next time. Thanks.@five11nation – you know how I do DC. lol.@LostInTheLyrics – ooh. I like it.@seedsower – lol. “The man” is out of control I tells ya.@Gail2 – Look I am sorry that this post offended you. And I’m sorry that I have a potty mouth. And I am sorry that I am racist. And I am sorry that Michael Vick abused dogs. Hell I am just sorry.

  28. Umm…excuse me. How is shaving your dog, and dying it’s hair (all things that people do to themselves quite regularly) the same as having them tear each other apart?? Thye dog doesn’t care if it’s got dyed hair. It doesn’t make it uncomfortable. But I’ll bet ya it’d be pretty unpleasent to get ripped up by another dog. I’m sorry, but not seein’ the hypocricy here…

  29. Haha!This reminds me of a Dog Whisperer episode where he went to a fat white woman’s house to help her with her miniature poodle. The poodle was pink. So was the ENTIRE room. It was nauseating. He didn’t say anything on camera about it, but his face was pretty great when he saw the pink dog in the pink room.

  30. I am to 1. not be fat and 2. not own a dog, O.M.G!You racist bitch Seriously though, WTF.. that is animal cruelty.  Dogs killing dogs or not, that shit they put on those dogs can harm them too.  They’re doing it directly though and not using another dog, whateva.

  31. @Kontzicles – what proposal would that be?@portiajules – you have to fight against those white instincts! lol.@Boogalice – First off I am fully aware that they are not the same, just as I am fully aware that this does not make white people hyocrites. (I am truly sorry that I had to explain that.) Secondly, while not the same, this is not cool to do to dogs. Don’t you see how miserable they look?@joyouswind – I wanna see that episode now.@Marci3 – you are very very welcome.@belle_figlie – Hey! I may be racist, but I am not a bitch damnit!@Phoeeenix – lol. That wasn’t right either. Kelis ain’t right in the head though.@crazyed18 – haha. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  32. Hey….you know having plants and flowers groww out of their butts is pretty smart, free fertilizer  This is hilarious although I’m sure not for the dogs….a little diffferent type of humiliation, but still something that I would say you have a very good point about. Hypocracy is everywhere with us humans.

  33. I know quite a few ethnic folks who do similar (not as dramatic) things to their pets. One friend of mine actually died her dog’s hair to pink in order to match her outfit. It washes out. LOL… this was hella funny though!

  34. omg these pictures are so wrong. why do people put their dogs through this kinda torture ? & my final thought on this : michael vick should not be allowed to play football !

  35. ok listen here I am fat. but im not that kinda of fat. Im PHAT. But I do know alot of woman that are over weight. but i don’t get why people say why we are fat when we are just big boned. Im getting sick of all this shit. And for a another thing these dogs are show dogs. they go on dog shows. thats why they look like that… Have fun making fun of white people agian and see what we do.

  36. @Jacki815 – So your justifying that it ok to do that to those dogs just because the are show dogs?  You think it ok to do that to a dog? Hurt them like that? That one dog had his face covered with a mask.  Spray paint all over them*hair dye or whatever the hell* It just not right. Those animals have feelings.  Before you point your fingers and scream animal activist I am not. I am a christian. And we are told to take care of the animals not mutilate them!!!!

  37. @SammySarahAnthonyRobert – Wow, you make me laugh… “And we are told to take care of the animals not mutilate them!!!!” I mean, wow…mutilate them? Do you even have a correct comprehension of that word? Look it up in the dictionary. I highly doubt it causes these dogs any discomfort, they’re not “hurting them”. People dye their own hair and shave their heads…is that cruel? Bwahaha…oh come on, let’s all have a little common sense…

  38. @Boogalice – No, I’m completely serious. Come now, do you really think I would advocate violence because a few sick and twisted individuals posted photos of the idiotic things they have done to their pets? Those photos go well beyond dying a dog’s hair. One is a ninja turtle, another a peacock, and the other two…who knows?!? It’s not cute. It’s not funny. But is any real harm being done? I certainly hope not, though the photos above are rather disturbing. 

  39. Dear Vanedave:  You probably know how much time I’ve put into the subject of child exploitation on my own website.  I’m starting to wonder, from your article, if we shouldn’t start looking into DOG exploitation!  Those poor creatures- pampered though they are- almost come across as the canine edition of JonBenet Ramsey.  Anyone who’s seen the Winchester Dog Show has witnessed only slightly less outrageous examples.  America has long had a love bond with dogs and, often enough, for good reason.  They’re useful for a number of reasons, if for no more than loyal companionship.  But to subject them to such elaborate silliness as this indicates to me that some people need to get their priorities in order… and make better use of their (abundant!) spare time.

  40. @Boogalice – I agree completely. It’s often difficult to show humor or sarcasm in text.  I still say what they’ve done is quite disturbing. Perhaps instead of beating them senseless we should give them a dose of their own medicine…? 😉

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