Black People and Hypocrisy! (It’s only fair)

If there is one thing I pride myself on, it’s that I always strive to give fair and balanced coverage (Just like FOX News!). With that in mind, I would like to go on record as saying that white people are not the only people who are guilty of hypocrisy in this world. They just happened to be the group of hypocrites that I felt like picking on yesterday.

Today, however, is a new day. A chance for me to pick on a new group of hypocrites. You’re up black people.

A friend of mine, who happens to be black, sent me a very shocking email yesterday. Apparently, Costco is now being run by that controversial cartoonist from the New York Post. Observe…

monkey doll
Diaper fits both monkey and baby! Comes with banana bottle! Holy hell man!!! 

How the hell do the people at Costco not see the wrongness here? This is a FAIL of EPIC proportions!!! I don’t know why stuff like this still amazes me, but it does. DO PEOPLE HAVE NO SENSE AT ALL?!!!

Then she sent along this second picture of an older black man who is obviously displeased. This is when I had to laugh. What do you notice here in this picture?

monkey doll 2
Notice anything funny here? No? Let me help you out.

Why the hell does the dude complaining in this pic have to be wearing a shirt with damn bottles of liquor all over it? So dolls that perpetuate stereotypes are wrong, but you wearing a damn shirt that says how much negroes love there alcohol is just fine? Step your complaining game up my man!

This is a huge problem I have with you black people. I see it all the damn time. You go out and complain en masse about stuff like this…

Coonbots ftw! This was racist though. Back to what I was saying…

…but then some of the same people who are complaining about how black people are portrayed in society are the same assholes who make this guy a bestselling artist!

lil wayne   
I have had this pic in my file for about a year now and I just noticed that this ignorant motherfucker’s belt buckle says “RAPE”! I am so depressed right now.

All I can do is just shake my head at you people sometimes. And yes, I did just say “YOU PEOPLE”! I am racist. Deal with it.



  1. Wow!  tell me at least they have that doll in a white color?  oh and this cranky ole white woman says “pull your damn pants up”  they must be glued to his underwear.

  2. so does this mean we get to throw Lil’ Wayne in front of a bus, too? After we belt his pants up around his waste just to mess with him a bit?

  3. Whoever that dude is in the last pic is a sad poster boy for a lot of things that are wrong with the “music” business today.  In case anyone thinks I’m just saying that because he’s black, Lady GaGa and Fergie from the BEP disgust me just as much.

  4. @storyslut – You know how you can buy those *knit* vests with the blouses sewn onto them? (Or rather just the sleeves, the bottom and the collar, y’know to save fabric.hah) I bet Lil Whine buys his pants that way. Those are just the top of a pair of boxers sewn onto his pants, he’s really wearing tightey whiteys under there.

  5. @TheRealKee – Everyone is so damn pissy on xanga lately. I thought that was a joke, but I guess there was more truth in what I said than I thought there was. Or course if I really thought it widely true, I would not have said it.  Somethings can not be said because some frat so much about what others think of them. So scared of being labeled, me thinks because they feel guilty.

  6. I think if the dolls came in all colors then the issue is not racist at all, a very close friend of mine is called mom24monkeys. My mom called my Anna ,Monkey Shine. When ppl assume they make a ass out of  U & me.

  7. ok first of all its just a belt buckle but yea it says rape but so what. I have listened to his music for a fucking long ass time and not in one of his songs that I have listend to does he sing about raping a girl or woman. Its sick that you think you can say stuff about your own race but I know what your getting at.

  8. I see a few people already pointed out what his belt says so I won’t. I can barely tell what is on that man’s shirt. I thought you were referring to the actual purchase of the doll! I was having a slow moment, my bad.

  9. Why even bother labeling these posts white people and hypocrisy/black people and hypocrisy. PEOPLE and hypocrisy works just fine. It’s kind of sad. We’re all guilty at some point in time, some just make it more public than others.

  10. These people exist in every group . . . and they make us all wince . . . a liquor bottle shirt, amazing . . . but you know, if a white frat boy on a college campus was wearing it, his friends would think it was cool, and everyone else would think he was an a**hole, –  these race rules are tricky.

  11. Omg first the monkey with a black baby doll *shudder* then bathing ape on lil waynes belt buckle. lol even if sometimes i think u might be racist *hey im black* your posts are sooo damn funny i cant really get upset with you people

  12. lmao. This made my day. Actually, my uncle, mom and I were just talking about this stuff a few minutes ago. ugh, and I fucking hate Lil Wayne, ok hate is a strong word, so I cannot stand that ignorant mother fucker! I hate some of the things we black people do but I love being black. It’s like what Chris Rock said on one of his stand up shows “I love black people, but I hate n****s.” And his belt says Bape, as everyone else has told you. I hate that too. Just the name sounds stupid. Bathing Ape, what the hell kind of name?

  13. First of all, the equal “spotlight” time is awesome on your part. Hypocrisy of any kind is infuriating and deabilitating for society as a whole and peolpe as individuals. I don’t understand what the issue with the doll is as long as they have another model in “white/caucasion/american mut”.

  14. Belt says Bape.  As in the company that usually makes shoes.  But yeah, Lil Wayne is a horrible rapper.  His metaphors are so dumb: “I’m hot like the sun” just makes me / @ the tags.

  15. lil wayne is a hot a$$ mess but i have to disagree with you on one point.the assholes who complain about how black people are portrayed in society are, in large part, hypocrits.but not for “making lil wayne a best selling artist.” most of them probably bootleg his albums

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