Do I Like You (Take 6: Drakonskyr)

It’s that time again. Time to place yet another one of you on my ever menacing chopping block. When I thought about the person I chose for this week, I honestly could not believe it took me this long to get around to him. I mean it’s almost like this series was tailor made towards him. Ladies and gents, it’s time to find out if I can stand Drakonskyr’s punk ass…

Do I Like Drakonskyr?

dmv plug

DMV’s Pros
– Is quite possibly mentally deranged, which often makes him hilarious.
– Writes disturbingly entertaining stories.
– Has a thick skin.
– Reading about his life often makes me feel better about my own.
– Uhh… hmm… lemme see here… he has some nice ties. Yeah that’s all I got for the pros.

DMV’s Cons
– Is quite possibly mentally deranged, which often makes him scary as shit.
– He’s a jew.
– Sold New York out for San Diego. Chump!
– I often get contact drunk just from reading his posts, which would be okay if I were not at work most of the time.
– He has no redeeming qualities (by his own admission).
– He’s a smoker. Eeew!
– Everyone hates the DMV.
– Prides himself on “degrading the internet’s already lackluster moral authority.” What an asshole!
– He’s a racist.
– Oh and did I mention he’s a jew?

Final Tally: Even if you count the nice ties thing (which doesn’t count), that is still 10 Cons to 5 Pros.

The final tally is real lopsided here. Double the cons in this instance. So the verdict is that I officially cannot stand anything about our boy Daniel. I really do not like the guy!

But you know what? He probably doesn’t give a shit either way, and that is why I respect him. I supose I even respect him enough to keep him around… for now.

Till next time people. Like DMV’s kidneys, I am officially done.



  1. Haha, my first reaction to the title was “oohhhhhh it’s on now…”To be honest, I haven’t read much of Drakonskyr. I think I realized early on that I’d just get irritated. :p What can I say, I’m a goody-two-shoes at heart. Tags made me laugh, haha~V

  2. This mofo still owes me a damn steak!  Remember, Daniel, I split mine with you while you rambled on about Socialist governments to my friends.

  3. There is some deep seated respect for the guy I have never been able to shake. The more I get to know of the real DMV, the more I glad I live really far away from him. It’s complicated.Oh he went from Albany to some suburb of San Fransisco. That is not half as cool as NYC to San Diego

  4. What about him being Italian? That has to be either a pro or con. Personally, I put that one as a pro. Italians (and those with even a little Italian blood) are totally cool. I mean, think of what comes from Italy, great food/wine and fast bikes. (among other things) So I think it should be 10/6.

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