Blog Snobs

Question: What is the one common interest that all bloggers share?

Answer: They like to blog.

Sounds like common sense doesn’t it? Yet it is a concept that some people just can’t seem to wrap their heads around. I, like many others around here, am susceptible to occasional fits of meta-blogging (blogging about blogging). I have opinions about things in the blogosphere and sometimes feel the need to share them. No big deal right?

I find that usually when I write about these things I am met with a certain amount of disdain just because I am metablogging. Doesn’t make a difference how valid or invalid the point that I am trying to make may be, doesn’t matter how if the post was written well or not, all that matters is that I am blogging about blogging. How dare I blog about blogging!

I’ve heard more than a few people ask why people respond so much to metablogs. I’ve heard one person liken metablogging to writing about the actual physical act of writing. Something along the lines of the following:

“Today I took out some paper, grabbed a pen, and moved that pen in a pattern that produced words. Those words combined to form sentences, and those sentences combined to form paragraphs.”  

This is how they characterize metablogging. Of all the blogs I’ve ever read, none of them has ever vaguely resembled anything like that. What a blatant misrepresentation.

Most metablogs I’ve read on xanga are about the xanga community. How is this a bad thing? To me it shows that people are paying attention and that they care. If there were problems in the community where you live wouldn’t you want people to speak up about them? How else are things supposed to change? Eventually. Hopefully.

Moving on.

The whole notion of looking down on metablogging just seems a bit snobbish to me. It just seems like someone arbitrarily decided one day that “real” bloggers never do such things, and from that time on it has been sneered upon with disfavor. Someone needs to tell me what the big deal is.

Social Injustice ftw!!!

I am aware that there are certain problems that can arise when people talk about blogging too much. People start to repeat the same things over and over again, sometimes it seems to be all certain people talk about, it can lead to drama within the community. However, these problems are not unique to metablogs. How is this any different than blogs about religion, abortion, politics, or anything else?

So here is my plea to all you blog snobs. Please, whatever stick you have up your ass for metablogs, kindly remove it and proceed as normal.

Thanks in advance,




  1. I have done meta blogs, there is not a damn thing wrong with them. There are good ones and bad ones, just like every other subject.I hear people complaining about there being too many political, religious, and personal blogs. People just like to complain. Personally I think there are far to many mindless complaining about other blogs blogs

  2. ha ha haha. I guess it just gets annoying after a while when lots of people are blogging about it. or when people seem to think like it’s a big deal that must be blogged about. I don’t care either way. I’ve blogged about blogging and I’ve blogged about xanga…so whatevs. feel free to metablog. 😉

  3. Ah, the irony that is this post! To make a small point: the finest writers can write about writing and do so well. It’s the crappy ones who talk about getting out their pen and paper, writing words that combine to make phrases that combine to make sentences that combine to make paragraphs that combine to form a completed work. Likewise, it is the crappy metabloggers who blog about sitting down, grabbing their Coke, removing their right hand from the inside of their undies, position their fingers just right on the keyboard and begin to type letters that combine to make words that combine to phrases, that combine to make sentences…and so forth and so on. Metablog away, Dave. You will not meet with my disdain.

  4. ROFL. I think I kinda metablog at times, but I mostly try not to because, well, I honestly feel I don’t have anything new or extremely intelligent to say on the subject >.< I always appreciate other peoples’ blogs like this though.

  5.  I guess to me, blogging is just sharing your opinion,things that happen to you in your life or whatever YOU like to talk about. A lot of the friends you make along the way share your same interests and so therefore you become friends in a since by common interests.It has nothing to do with cliques or being a snob to me.Different people have different interests and blogging lets them come out and you find those who think like you. The ones who don’t you shouldn’t berate them because after all, just because you don’t care for what they blog about, doesn’t mean others don’t.There are so many ways to blog even, why would someone have a problem with doing a post or MANY about the styles of blogging or whatever. I didn’t even know what blogging was all about til Xanga and that was only 4 years ago…and I’m 50 now. In my opinion, if you don’t like what someone blogs about, ignore them, if it is a subject you are passionate about and think they need an education on the subject because what they say isn’t right, then give your opinion and let it alone and don’t be ugly about it. Thats what blogging is all about in my opinion, just sharing ideas, likes and dislikes, no need to have hate wars over any of it. Anyway, that may be more than I intended to comment about, but sometimes I just start typing as the brain conjures up thoughts so I just keep going weither it makes sense or not. A lot of times it makes NO sense at all. But I don’t care, rambling sometimes helps me sort things out rofl. Have a good day Dave!~Grampy~

  6. it’s only irritating when people do it ALL THE TIME.  i can’t imagine many people would say “i signed up for Xanga so that i could blog about Xanga.”  it’s not saying people can’t or shouldn’t metablog, it’s just implying that it can’t be done that often and still be interesting… because it really can’t be.  luckily, you don’t metablog enough to be in that category. 

  7. Heck, sometimes you can pick up the odd good tip about blogging or learn something you never knew before. Reading some of these have been useful since this is the first blog site I ever had.  Also, reading your stuff usually results in me winding up with a big toothy grin when you slide a bit of your wit and humor in just for good measure. That alone is a good enough reason to write them, and read them too!!Mercy buckets Dave

  8. Metablogging is like garlic. A little bit for flavoring can be quite nice, but too much will make your blog taste bad and make you stink. Writing about writing is the same way. If, say, a newspaper columnist one day wrote about his life as a newspaper columnist, that would be OK. It might even be a fascinating look into his work. But if all he wrote about was writing columns for the newspaper his column would become pointless and no one would read it.

  9. I used to blog about Xanga all the time. Literally. That got tiresome. 😛 But yeah, there’s nothing wrong with metablogging or xangablogging. There are just these people who spend more time on thinking about how to improve the blogs of others than on their own darn blogs.

  10. “I’ve heard one person liken metablogging to writing about the actual physical act of writing.” that’s stupid. it’s more like writing about books and stuff, you know? if that makes sense. i’ve never seen a person metablogging like “people sit on their computers and type out words using the keyboard….. la la” duh! i agree. i probably won’t metablog anytime soon, simply because i feel like i can’t/i have nothing interesting to ever say, really. but that doesn’t mean i don’t care. i’m interested in reading about Xanga and blogging in general, because i’m a blogger. 😀 not being interested would be like an American who’s not interested to know about what’s going on in America. i can’t give the news, but i can read it.

  11. Ladies and gentlemen…. In this corner we have Dave, the metablogger. Willing to take on any and all blog snobs. Will replace removed stick up their ass if needed. Are you ready to rummmmbbbblllle?

  12. Personally, as soon as I realized that this was a blog about blogging I stuck my nose in the air and walked away. (Please read that with the sarcasm that was intended)Aren’t blogs supposed to be about what is on the bloggers mind? I see nothing wrong with blogging about whatever subject one desires to blog on. Enjoyed this particular metablog by the way.

  13. Pft… I gotcha back on this one, Dave. I’m a professional metablogger. Meaning, I’m d*mn good at it and I don’t care who doesn’t like it. It’s not like that’s all you ever write about. But if this blog talks about your life, then obviously BLOGGING is a part of it. That’s like telling a drummer not to accept any endorsements from Paiste or Zildjian because it’s already understood that they like drums. “You don’t need a drum company to pay for your drums for us to know you like drums.” Um, yeah… that’s not the point, idiot. Sorry… hehe (gets down off the soapbox)

  14. So, you are a metablogger.  Some are anti-metabloggers.  Now, you are anti-anti-metablogging?  Or metanti-metablogging?Did you get the approval of the anti-metas before posting this?  If they don’t like you metablogging, the are even less likely enjoy your metanti-megablogging, so I don’t think your message is going to get to the target audience.HOWEVER, it’s kind of fun to reply to at 1 AM, so I think it was a quality post.  Keep on fighting the good fight!

  15. I think the major criticism about “meta-blogging” (never knew that term until I read your post, thanks for teaching us a thing or two!) is that the readers are annoyed that the blogger has no real topic to discuss. I can understand that frustration because I’ve done it. I have posts on my blog where all I do is just write “well I am so busy and no longer have time for Xanga as much…blogging makes me feel x,y, z, etc etc”. I can understand my readers getting angry because they wasted maybe 15 min of their time reading my thoughts on blogging itself instead of my thoughts on an actual subject like recent current events, politics or my day at work…So from my end, I hold no anger to other Xangans who meta-blog. Blogging is a personal exercise and its stupid to have angry readers because I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and is free to post that opinion on their blog – whether readers like it or not…

  16. I find this to be interesting but your statement “Please, whatever stick you have up your ass for metablogs, kindly remove it and proceed as normal” ,humorous yes, but somewhat hard to accomplish.   I would think it would be hard to proceed as normal after removing said stick.  I can see this image of a disturbed person walking a little weird.   I just found the statement funny and difficult at the same time.  (note) The font changed on my comment and I have yet to figure out why, nothing is meant by it.

  17. I think people get upset about blogs because they have no life outside of a little chair before a computer screen.  Yea, they go to work or school, but they are thinking about the next blog, reading the next blog, commenting on the next blog or somehow wowing the phantom audience with their wit and verve.  Or maybe its the next computer game.  Or porn or political debate.I mean, it’s fun and all that, but only to a degree.  People have got to get to the beach and play Frisbee or something.  And do it often.

  18. Because, silly, people have opinions on things and they won’t stop until you agree with them. It’s how it has always been.But then again, why on earth would someone want to meta-blog anyway…seems like people who reach that level have run out of other things to blog about! =P

  19. as long as a blog post is interesting an dynamic, i’d read it no matter the subject.i hate ppl who refuse to read sth just cos it;s on a certain subject. religious ppl r the worst of the kind.i;ve gotten numerous messages from them to delete my blog and i;’ll be saved…UHM…how the fuck does eliminating my vent make me be any less fucked up?

  20. The only problem I have with metablogging is that it’s almost impossible to start Xanga drama if you don’t blog about Xanga. But there’s a difference between blogging about a specific Xangan and blogging about blogging in general.

  21. it just depends i guess.i personally like reading things that make me go “wow” or “i didn’t know know that” or make me lol. and i personally love blogs that have debate in it.  but i’m one of those people that if something doesn’t interest me, i don’t bother to read it i just move on to the next thing. 

  22. Sorry for pissing you off man.I am not a blog snob nor do I have a stick up my ass. I just found it hard to relate to. Maybe this hasn’t occurred to you, but it makes for lame reading material if your reader isn’t actually on Xanga very much.Besides, it was a “meta” view that motivated my comment. I am discouraged by how ingrown Xanga is, because that is exactly what keeps Xanga from competing with other blog websites for traffic. Anyway, that’s why I stopped blogging about Xanga. I have readers who aren’t on Xanga, and they couldn’t relate when I strayed toward “metablogging.” Of course, I stopped blogging at all. But that has more to do with time constraints. 

  23. Nice monotype corsiva at the end there, gave it a real personal signature feel.Is this meta-meta blogging?  Blogging about people who blog about blogging?  Choose the blue pill, Neo…

  24. I’m thinking about what I’m thinking about blogging about blogging. Geez, thanks. And I thought Nietzche was whack! Maybe writing a blog about thinking about what I’m thinking about blogging about blogging would help me get my thoughts about what I’m thinking about blogging about blogging in order. Yeah, that’s the ticket.Cool echo-o-o-o-o-o.

  25. I never knew there were such a thing as meta blogging or that it was a taboo in the blogging world.. sounds kind of stupid to me. What’s wrong with blogging about the act of blogging or writing about the act of writing? 

  26. Hm.I rather have someone write, “Today I took out some paper, grabbeda pen, and moved that pen in a pattern that produced words. Those wordscombined to form sentences, and those sentences combined to formparagraphs.”  (creative writing + mysteriousness = AWESOME)thanpeople who blog about the xanga blogging community. It is TIRELESSLY redundant. It actually creeps the hell out of me to think that people I see on the Top Blogs from number one to one hundred, 98% of them are blogging about posts that have been posted by one person. What’s with the Xanga pageants and Xanga Kings? Eh, I’m a woman. I’m a nerd and I think about sexual stuff too, and I tell you, it just BORES me to death and it actually turns me off. Though I did LOL on Myxl Dove’s post. He’s my friend and I suppose he can get away with it just like you, Dave, or even Theologian Dan.But other people? Damn. I’d rather sit in the living room reading all of Shakespeare’s plays than have to log in to Xanga and see, “Xanga King, Xanga King, Thinspo, Thinspo, Who will become the next Xanga Contestant in the Xanga Pageant?”Puh-lease. My cat could do better to amuse me than that.Like, seriously.When people are blogging about the Xanga community, they are not paying attention. They are gossiping. We already know about Xanga’s draining status (it’s actually on the front page that reads: “Xanga Slowing Down” or something of that sort”), posted there by the people who are maintaining the services of Xanga (example: John), so Xanga users need not announce it to the whole Xanga community by blasting it 50x by different xanga users.Whew. I’m done.My rant for the day.Thank you, Dave.

  27. Shouldn’t you just be able to blog about whatever the hell you want? I mean, it’s your blog. If people don’t like it, I suppose they don’t have to read it.       Whatever, I guess… I read what interests me.. topic doesn’t usually matter… just what I’m feeling at the time.

  28. Oh hey, who cares? It’s xanga, and it’s free and it does not violate any rule, except maybe some other over sensitive people’s? Anyone’s ashamed to post whatever the hell they wanna post?

  29. Blogging is blogging. People should be able to say whatever they want. Why is any subject less important than another? If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Apparently, it’s not something even the “snobs” don’t care about, because they have enough emotion over metablogging that they feel they must bash it. To me, that isn’t saying how unimportant, or even how silly, a specific topic is. It’s just giving it credit that the “snobs” claim it doesn’t deserve. :pKind of ironic, if you ask me.

  30. I personally disdain meta blogging because it makes no sense if you don’t follow along the with the happenings of the blogosphere.  It just seems isolating to the visitors who don’t use xanga.

  31. You know, I must admit, I had no idea what metablogging even was!  Oh well, I have no problem with it.  I couldn’t care less, actually.  If I don’t like something, I certainly don’t have to sit and read it through.

  32. I’ve been featured 3 times.  One of the featured posts had meteblogging aspects to it, and another was a straight up comparison of how I use Xanga and how I use Facebook, which I suppose is a metablog post as well.  Xanga loves to feature posts on Xanga and blogging so people must love to read them.  Most people that is.@TheBigShowAtUD – I’ve never read a metablog on your site.  Your posts are lifetime originals.  Have you ever blogged about blogging? 

  33. The majority of blogs are self serving or a desperate attempt at becoming a paid writer.   Some people blog as a type of therapy.  I think that’s what I do.   My blogs are generally a way to vent and boring to most people.  I think the best blogs of all are those with low traffic.   Most of the featured blogs are stupid kids.

  34. Personally, I have never felt even the mildest bit informed by a “meta-blog.” They just seem to rehash easily understood concepts of basic human psychology, much like you’ve done here. So, I have no qualms with meta-blogging. It just is not informative or interesting to me.

  35. I would blog about bloggers blogging about platypuses if I so felt the urge.  If you don’t like it, don’t read it.  Love your sense of humor. Blog what you want, there will always be someone looking about something to complain about, but then there are the others that have the same sense of humor, opinions, etc. and love to read about bloggers blogging!

  36. people actually have a problem with blogging about blogging? i had always thought that blogging means you can write whatever your heart desires… because it’s YOUR blog with your opinions and ideas.

  37. As long as you keep it interesting, you can blog about anything you like. And I love that you use the phrase “metablogging.” At school, we talk about metalanguage, metacognition, and so forth, but I’d never thought about it in the context of a blog.

  38. Most metablogs I’ve read on xanga are about the xanga community. How is this a bad thing? To me it shows that people are paying attention and that they care.If there were problems in the community where you live wouldn’t youwant people to speak up about them? How else are things supposed tochange?” I AGREE ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. *applause*

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