Good Things Associated With 9-11

Look I know that bad things happened on 9-11, but I’d hate to see that combination of numbers ruined forever because of what happened in 2001. (Not saying that we should forget though. We should never, ever, never forget!) The number 911 is in danger of falling into the same category as 13 or 666. So what’s wrong with having your birthday fall on Friday the 13th? It’s still a Friday. Go get your drink on! 

Besides, there are plenty of good things that can be associated with 9-11. Here are a few just from the top of my head…

Rescue 911
Who remembers this show? I cannot even begin to describe the awesomeness that ensued on a weekly basis. This was a show about survival. They showed people who were victims of accidents, crimes, medical emergencies, near drownings. Routinely, people would be on the brink of death. But you know what would happen then? They would be rescued! It has been documented that over 300 lives were saved by Rescue 911.

Oh and did I mention that William Shatner was the host?
Hubba, hubba!!! 

Porsche 911
porsche 911
That’s just sexy. Can’t be mad at that now can you?

Public Enemy – 911 Is a Joke

For those who have not heard this song you need to go here and listen! You know, before Flavor Flav started collecting STDs for a living, he was part of a damn good rap group. Proof is in the pudding. “Get up, get, get, get down!”

Reno 911
Reno 911
This here is a pretty damn funny show. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not for everybody, but the cast is outstanding. You can see that many of them have gone on to do pretty well for themselves after the show. They also have cameos by some pretty good people from time to time.

The Blueprint 3
You know, some people look at Jay-Z sideways for releasing an album on 9-11. I am happy he does (more on this later guys). I don’t mind having something else to talk about….

…Not that I’m forgetting or anything. Because, you know, we should never do that. By that, I mean forgetting. We should never do that. That would not be good.



  1. I am giving you props for the title. As for the rest of your post, “Reno 911” is not funny – NOT AT ALL and Duran Duran’s version of “911 is a Joke” (which you fail to mention) is much better than the original by Public Enemy. I’ve got to give it to you on the Shatner show though, it used to be the highlight of my Monday night. Anyway, as for you assertion that “[w]e should never, ever, never forget”, you are wrong. We should forget. We should not let these Al Qaeda’s think that one big event they pulled off eight years ago is going to carry their reputation to infinity. One hit wonders I say, just like that German chick who sang “99 Red Balloons”.

  2. Oh, and 911 is the life-saving number you can call even if you have no credit on your phone… well, at least for you guys. It’s 999 for us! In all seriousness, this post was good. It’s good to look at the… not so much silver-lining, but… the good stuff, you know?Hooray for the anti-ruining of the numbers 9 and double-1!

  3. it’s interesting that the big thing happens on 9-11…something catchy, easy to remember, and have a ring to it….those who picked the date must be a genius (not that i applaud those terrorist act)

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