I See You People Everywhere!

Recently, AlterEgo909 did a quick post about a photo she saw at work that she thought I was in. You guys should go take a look and tell her how I am ten times sexier than the dude in that pic.

Anyways, since she did that post I have been seeing xangans everywhere I look. I hadn’t noticed it before, but there are so many things out there that remind me of you guys…

First there was this pic that definitely reminded me of AlterEgo909 herself.

Come on that really does look like her. I am not even kidding.

Then there was this pic that genuinely reminded me of MagicallyDelici0uz

magic evony
Your wish is my command Cherish.

For the rest I was a bit more liberal, but the resemblences are still undeniable!

There goes Dan (TheTheologiansCafe) smoking away as usual.

Paul Partisan, stirring up trouble as usual.

DMV, dressed as sharply as ever!

kimmy gibler
Trunthepaige, is always just as precocious as she can be.
(She may hate me for this one!)

Let’s not forget about my fellow black xanga brothers (look for the pattern)…

Matt (TheBigShowatUD) in da house!

There goes my boy Arie (TheBlackSpiderman) doin’ it real big!

star Trek
Finally, shoutout to my boy Riis (MyxlDove) holdin’ it down for the West Coast!

Last but not least I’d like to show some love to one of the cutest xangans of all…

teddy bear
This totally reminded me of Kestryl. Is it just me?

Well that’s all I got. Maybe I’ll see more in the future (that is if Kes allows me to have a future after this). Peace out everybody. 



  1. That “start your journey now” one actually always reminds me of Cherish! Odd. 😀 Well, not odd, seeing as she obviously looks like her! And I loved Riis’ one! Hilarious! And Eminem actually does remind me a little of Paul, come to think of it. I’m gonna start looking around for Xangans. Tell me if you ever see me!

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