Who’s the Biggest Idiot?

Wow! What an eventful weekend that was. I have so much I could talk about, but I don’t want to make this an epic blog. (I’ve got work to do damnit!) Instead,  I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I’ve got one question for you all, and then you can be on your merry way… 

Who is the biggest idiot?

Lady Gaga – I’ll Just let the pictures speak for themselves here.
lady gaga3lady gaga2

Serena Williams – On Saturday she was knocked out of the semis of the US Open after being penalized a point for cursing out a line judge. That penalty point gave her opponent, Kim Clijsters, game-set-match!
serena williams
Look at the line judge’s face… the fuck you gonna do Serena?!!

Sarah Palin – Just for old time’s sake.

Kanye West – For face-palming Taylor Swift on national television. In case you haven’t heard about Kanye’s disgaceful behavior at the VMAs yesterday, you can take a look. Be forewarned though, this is pretty damn pitiful to watch. I thought Taylor Swift was actually going to die from embarassment.

Alright. Polls are open. You can only choose one!



  1. I’d have to say Kanye. I mean, I’ve read that he’s a pompous jerk, but that was just…wow. All I could think was, “That poor girl. I don’t dig country, but that’s a big moment for any musician.”Sigh.

  2. I want to say Lady Gaga because she looks a mess, and is just… nasty.However, Kanye fails because he’s such an arrogant prick, doing that to a child. I mean yeah, she’s beautiful/famous/rich, but young none the less and deserved her moment. What an asshole.

  3. I felt horrible for Taylor Swift! Kanye completely ruined her moment. She was so happy and excited and then ended up looking so sad. I kinda wanted to hit him in the face for that. So did my husband. And we don’t even like her music.

  4. Kanye… If it wasn’t for Pokerface and it’s cursed, catchy melody, I would probably say Lady Gaga… but I think Kanye has proved once again that their is no bigger douche in this planet… plus, I hear he’s a gay fish…

  5. Palin and West are has-beens, though the VMAs showed that Kanye still has some douche-baggery left in him. I can’t believe he did that to Taylor Swift! The Serena thing was unfortunate, but we’ve seen tennis players lose their cools before.  I still like her and she’s still one of the greatest.However, there is no excuse for the level of idiocy that Lady Gaga puts out every single day of her life. Paathetic.

  6. Kanye is a troll but lady gaga is the bigger idiot for wearing that stuff, then that red outfit when got the award and was speaking a little bit before she took it off, ridiculous.

  7. That’s a tough choice.  I’m going to have to give my vote to Kanye though because at least Lady Gaga and Serena are only hurting themselves with terrible fashion sense and unsportsmanlike behavior, respectively.

  8. Lady Gaga is an entertainer. She entertains, even on her free time. So I don’t think she’s an idiot for dressing the way she does. It’s entertaining to see what she comes up with next.Who cares about tennis and Politics.Kanye however is pretty fucking dumb. Poor Taylor. No one came to save her. So I think it’s Taylor for giving him the mic and not having a rebuttal!;D

  9. i now totally wanna beat the fuck out of kayne for being such a bitch.  taylor swift did not deserve that.  she is such a sweetheart.  he thinks hes the shit but his music is just as lame as lady gaga!~

  10. Serena’s idiocy only affected herself (negatively) and her opponent (positively). That negates itself.Lada Gaga’s wardrobe idiocy only affects herself.Kanye West’s idiocy embarrassed himself, Taylor Swift, probably Beyonce and MTV in general.Kanye for the win… or the loss… depending how you look at it.

  11. I’d say Kanye because that was the biggest bunch of bullshit ever…at the same time he is set to perform on Jay Leno’s new show tonight at the premier so I think it was all for publicity if not staged… fucking asshole.

  12. What was most offensive? Kanye, hands down. Serena just lost her cool, nothing new about that, not even in tennis. Lady Gaga? Fashion disaster. But, it could have been a terribly effective way to keep the cameras trained on them and get lots and lots of free media attention…But, if the question is who is the biggest idiot; I’d have to give it to Serena, on the sole count of what her loss of self-control cost her. Losing it THEN, so publicly and so over-the-top was just DUMB.Sarah Palin, oh she’s an idiot all right; just not the biggest one this week. But, I’d have to say Rep. Joe Wilson should have at least gotten an honorable mention; but he wouldn’t get the award because both he and his opponent in next year’s election have raised $1 million plus since he shouted “You Lie!” at the President. Why do I think we’re going to see a trend of disrespect in politics here? Oh, wait, it’s WAY too late for that call, huh? 

  13. I love you! Haha.Your comment on the line judge’s face was hilarious. I am reccing just for that (and the whole post, too! )And, my answer? I second maniacsicko’s statement. All. Oh. We can’t do that? Well, I chooooose… Lady Gaga. Because not only is she an idiot, she LOOKS like one, too! At least the rest look normal… except maybe Kanye and his odd glasses.

  14. Kanye West. What he did was totally uncalled for and unjustifiable. Someone should’ve gotten up on stage and knocked him out. I’d marry lady gaga, I find her perfectly lovable, so the outfits don’t bother me. Why’s she on this list?

  15. mmm… it’s tough, because i really like Serena, no matter who she threatens to kill, as long as it’s not me.  and she could really take somebody, too.  Lady Gaga being a complete weirdo (at least in public) is nothing new… so Kanye.  although, that’s nothing new for him, either, but still.  that was ridiculous.

  16. Kanye West, the voice of the “YouTube commenter” generation. Damn you, internet, for making dumbasses feel entitled to have their opinions heard at any given moment.

  17. i SWEAR lady gaga has body doubles… Sometimes she looks like a completely different person, face and body.Im going to choose lady gaga because anyone who tries to impersonate their period on stage is just utterly.. utterly crazy,

  18. kanye.  sure, lady gaga is out there, but she’s just being herself, i guess.  and serena was upset over the call and therefore retaliated… but taylor didn’t do anything to kanye, and he just decided to be a jerk.

  19. I don’t see why Kanye had to ruin that little girl’s moment, except that he’s an ass who ought to be sent home and beaten with his mama’s shoe. Matter of fact, he needs to be sent here, so I can beat him with MY shoe.

  20. You know Dave I have been mulling over this since last night. Kanye is a tool.  I am still in shock. Lady gaga, what the fuck was that all about. She said “This is for god and gays”.  Eminem was standing right by her, and I was thinking “say some shit about gays, I dare you”.  He kept his mouth shut, and so I was sad, haha. Was that blood on Lady gaga?  She’s fuckin’ nutz.  I don’t know who is worse.. Megan Fox or Lady Gaga. I vote Lady Gaga. If I had to choose someone else who is crazier.. I’d pick Don Imus.

  21. Lady Gaga is bizarre, but I’d hit that. Erm, I mean… she’s cute. Serena acts like a bulldog, but still… everybody gets upset. And hello, you’re competing for a World Championship?? There’s gotta be allowances for nerves.Sarah who? But Kanye makes me want to curse in Farsi while breaking his sunglasses against his face with MoonMan. Like really?? You gotta be kiddin’ me. And then he wants to blame in on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol?? WTF, Kanye?!? :facepalm:

  22. @TheSecretLifeOfPandas – yeah. He lost a lot of fans yesterday I think. I’ve been backing off of Kanye for a long time now.@TheLoquaciousLady – I felt so bad for her. Then they just cut to commercial too. Imagine how it must have been live!@Paul_Partisan – haha. She wins EVERY TIME!@fading_roses19 – I didn’t even know about that god and gays bullshit. That may have put her over the top in my book. @MyxlDove – Ooh, beating him with a moonman does sound fun.@milubbles – lol. You are the third person to call me out on that one.@ModernBunny – Did you hear about her daughter’s baby daddy posing for Playgirl?@TheMochaPeach – hahaha. “Coon-ye”. How have I not heard that one before? Brilliant!

  23. West goes to show that one should not attend an awards show, stoned off his ass. Its one thing to express yourself, its another to hurt someone else in the process. At least lady gaga doesn’t hurt anyone with what she does. West not only ruined taylors moment, he ruined the entire shows dedication to michael jackson by absorbing the spotlight. The headlines would have been, “a beautiful evening dedicated to a beautiful person” had not been for west. Pure shame and disgrace. I feel like going over and beatin the hell out of his mother:)

  24. Hm…Well yeah, Lady Gaga is, uhm, very strange, but that’s not the same as being an idiot.Serena lost her cool, but she’s only human.And of course what Kanye did was awful, but he knew exactly what he was doing, so he’s not an idiot, just an asshole.But Sarah Palin? She stepped down as governor but just continues to keep talking, coming up with some new nonsense every day and acting like everyone is hanging on her every word. She is the DEFINITION of idiot.

  25. Kanye. He’s such a dick & people KNOW he has a history of being a spoiled brat at awards shows so why invite him. He didnt apologize, he tried to justify why he did it. I think he did it because Beyonce was black & he thinks it’s a racial thing. I’m part black & I dont think Beyonce’s vid was all that & I like Taylor Swift’s music. Even people who DONT like Taylor agree Kanye was being a jerk. I’m glad I was never a fan of his anyway.Taylor is taking the high road by not saying anything & Beyonce scored points with ALOT of people by giving up her moment for Taylor. It wasnt her fault she got dragged into that but she was sweet to do it.—>MiNA<3P.S: For those who watched the awards: Did anything think Diddy was going to say Kanye’s name when he opened the envelope? He hesitated & I thought he was going to say Kanye. Even if he did, Kanye was kicked out so he wouldnt have gotten it. XD!

  26. Lady Who? Kanye hopefully will get an ear full from his mother or someone who knows a thing or two. Sarah Who? Serena blew under pressure, so..well…hm..Kayne wins my vote, just in case he needs a bit more self control support. I’m here to help.

  27. If I ever meet that ignorant prick Kayne West, I’m going to fuck him up but good. That idiot needs some manners beaten into him. Lady GaGa looks like a fucking mental patient, on a good day. It gets even worse when she decides to dress herself.  

  28. You brought up an interesting point. In all of us we have consequences for our choices and our failure to choose how to live in hamory with God and self. If we feel we have no faults, rest assured we have one. (Pride.)

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