Writing My Audition Reel…

Hey guys. Got some news to share with you. Those of you who joined me for XTV last Thursday already know this, but I was chosen to audition for a new webTV series that will be debuting this fall. I already made it through the initial interviewing stage, so I am really excited to complete my audition reel.

The show will be a sort of news/pop culture social media thing, where I can make my own commentary and use pictures to support that commentary. I started writing a few quick things for my audition reel yesterday. Here is what I have so far:

– It was a record setting night on the VMAs on Sunday. First Kanye West broke Chris Brown’s record for quickest career suicide ever, when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for best female video.


West took the microphone out of Swift’s hands to declare to everyone that Beyonce’s video for Single Ladies was the best video ever. He then handed the microphone back to Swift, who was too stunned to even breathe.


The moment that followed nearly broke the record for most awkward silence ever, but it still falls short to this supremely awkward moment…


– Also making headlines at the VMAs was the ever classy Lady gaga. Gaga turned more than a few heads (and stomachs) with multiple eccentric fashion choices. She also had a performance of her latest single, Papparazzi, in which she set a world record for messiest period ever.

lady gaga2

Hold on, can we zoom in here for a minute? Just wanna confirm something here.

gaga eye
Eeeeeew, it even got in her eye!

Speaking of Lady Gaga, I do believe now would be an appropriate time for a quick side rant.

Side Rant – Okay first off, this bitch has got to be the biggest hypocrite ever for making a song about the Papparazzi! Everything she does is for attention and now she is complaining cause she has too much of it? Gee Lady Gaga, I sure do feel bad at how the Papparazzi harasses you. I mean it’s not like you just accepted an award for best new artist, on behalf of god and the gays, while wearing a bride of Satan crazy person outfit.

lady gaga3
Why can’t people just mind their business!

Second of all, when are we gonna stop calling her a lady? There is absolutely nothing ladylike about her!

End Side Rant.



  1. Good stuff, Dave! Where is the website? You’ll post a link when you make it through to the final stage, right? As far as Gaga… crazy chicks are hot… erm… to look at.

  2. The best of luck with your audition Dave.  You have so many things to pick from for news/pop culture. Do you have to include Lady Who? in it.  Just saying.   Seems the lowest levels get the attention.  I guess that’s what people want to hear about. Me? Not so much. Anyway…I’m sure you’ll do well.  You have a flair for it. Go get em!

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