More News, More Writing.

So as I mentioned yesterday, I have to put together an audition reel for this WebTV show I am trying to get onto.  I am nearly done writing the reel and am pretty excited to put it all together.

Here is part 2 of the writing…

Switching gears to politics, it has been reported that Joe Wilson, the Republican representative from South Carolina who heckled President Obama last week by yelling out “you lie” during a joint session of congress, has raised more than 1 million dollars in campaign funds since his outburst.

I’m all about that paper son!

This angered many of his Democratic peers who complained that they never received a single penny for all the times they called George Bush an idiot.

hehe. Might as well use this pic again.
Does seem like a pretty blatant double standard though.

Moving on…

San Diego Chargers linebacker, Shawne Merriman, learned that no charges would be filed after he was accused of choking Tila Tequila. The San Diego DA’s office decided not to press any charges after being forced to watch Tequila’s “A Shot at Love”. After just one episode, they said they totally understood.

Another fine program from our friends at MTV.

Merriman for his part was very relieved, but told reporters that he was never too worried. Rumor has it that his defense team had prepared a very strong case against Tequila. I was even able to obtain a sneak peek at their opening statement.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we all know that the only time that it is ever acceptable to choke someone is if they give you herpes. I would like you all now to pause for a second and consider the likelihood that Ms. Tequila gave my client herpes.”

Shot at Love
I’d say those odds are pretty high!!!

That is all.



  1. ryc:  well, i did post it late at night, you know.  99 isn’t bad.  but you, sir, need to get away from looking at Xanga so statistically.   it’s about words and people, not comments and views.  c’mon, Dave.  HAHA.  as if.

  2. Give you props for what your going to venture towards. The format sounds good though sound like “E” ‘s talk soup hour. Even the topics do. Headlines may not be so good to start off with as ppl are all using headline material such as kanye west interupting patrick swazyes funeral to declare that michael jacksons death was more important. and as for your last chapter, you gotta check your material. Lady Gagas song isn’t about paparazzi’s. Its about stalking someone you like, just like a paparazzi. It won’t be funny if ppl know you made a mistake. Just my opinion. Best of luck

  3. Just start with the tila bit and go from there,  dump everything else.  I love the blatant use of sexual imagery  and how you actually took the piss out of her perfectly.  I hate that squeaky bitch.  And as for MTV – Did you notice not many people actually watched this years VMA’s…  well you might have  but shed loads of people haven’t.  Hence this contrived bullshit story about bouncy  and skinny  and their matching red dresses.  Do you know any girls who could get red dresses organised during an interval?  INTERNET KILLED THE VIDEO STARHope you do well –  u should use Irish jokes,  everyone knows the paddy’s can take a joke.peace

  4. @Kalligenia – Two points for reading the tags. I just finished this damn video last night, or rather this morning at 4:30 AM. I finished shooting it at 10:30 and it took all that time to edit. Well some slow CPU issues helped too.They better like this shit damnit!

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