Dave’s Sexy/Unsexy Girl of the Week

Oh my goodness. Thank God it’s Friday. I just had one hell of a long week!

Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d get the weekend kickstarted with a little bit of fun. Once again, it’s time for me to bring sexy back around here. Let’s see who we’re gettin on this week…

Dave’s Sexy “Unsexy” Girl of the Week – Sonia Sotomayor

Aww yeah. That’s what I’m talkin’ bout! 

Okay, I know I’ve made jokes about her being a handsome woman before, but she is a Supreme Court Justice! That is power right there. Imagine the legal connections she must have. Do you know how many people I’ve wanted to sue, but haven’t because of my unwillingness to deal with the legal system? Mechanics, the NYPD, Target, Honda, the local movie theater, Lil Wayne (for assaulting my brain). The list goes on and on.

If I put that good lovin’ on Sotomayor I imagine I could get some of that payback. Plus, she looks like the type of woman who would really appreciate it. (Cause she looks like she hasn’t had some good lovin’ in a real long time.)

I got what you need baby girl.

Okay let’s move on. I am getting all hot and bothered.

Dave’s Unsexy “Sexy” Girl of the Week – The Real Housewives of New Jersey

I’m sorry, but these broads would have to do something in my house. 

Okay, here’s the deal. If I am a millionaire and you are my wife, and all you do all day is sit around spending my money, you’d better be really, really hot. These chicks are just not cutting it! Is this what passes for a trophy wife these days? If anything the Real Housewives of New Jersey are the types of trophies that you get just for participating. Any loser can get one.

You guys really don’t know how much it annoys me that these bitches get to sit on their ass all day and do nothing. It makes me question if God loves me.

real-housewives-of-new-jersey-01_2June Cleaver
“Yo Danielle Staub, I know you cryin’ and Imma let you finish, but June Cleaver was one of the best housewives of all time!”

Holla at y’all next time.



  1. I understand about Sonia Sotomayor. I have a similar attraction to John Pinette. Don’t you know he’d tear my cookin’ up? I’m sorry, (fans neck) what were we talking about?

  2. There’s a bunch of those “real” housewife shows these days. I see commercials for the Atlanta ones here. They’re a scary bunch. I’ve never heard of the New Jersey ones, but that one on the right looks like a fluffed up and tan Elaine Venice!

  3. lol this made my friday. Sonya Sotomayor? Understandable I guess. Power is kinda sexy I suppose. But at the same time I want power too! Eh, those housewives. The last one looks like a man. One of them is old so I don’t count her because she was probably pretty when she was younger and the other ones look okay to me. But I could never be a housewife. I get bored after an hour of being home and I go to school everyday! Hell, even being on campus is kinda boring yet alone my house.Nice Kanye joke lol

  4. Oh, this is just TOO funny!  Man, I wouldn’t wanna mess with Sonia!  I admire her, though.  And nobody, and I mean NOBODY outdoes June Cleaver in the housewife category!    So I guess “Kanye” would be right about that one, lol!Kathi

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