Dear Xanga…

I started to write this letter a few times before and stopped. It’s about time I finished.

More and more lately I am feeling like I am being stifled. Stifled in my writing, stifled in my comedy, stifled in starting a career of some sort. It is a very frustrating place to be in. For a while I felt like I was stuck on a plateau, but this week I realized that I may have actually taken a few steps backward.

I have so many ideas I am anxious to share with people. Everyday I think of something else that I would love to be actively working on. My problem is having a platform to share these ideas from. I have tried working with people. I have tried to prove myself to them, and I feel that I have. It just doesn’t seem to matter. What I’ve been doing is just not working.

I am at a crossroad. It’s time for me to take matters more into my hands. Instead of looking for opportunities in this shitty business, it is time for me to start creating them.

With my stand up this means that I am going to start moving away from working with bookers. I am going to start finding my own ways of getting stage time and really aggressively marketing myself. I am tired of doing bullshit shows for people who can’t even move forward with their own careers.

With my writing this means moving on. I can no longer make xanga my focus. I’ve got to have my own space where I am not limited. I love this place, but it really is not doing too much for me at all. When things are at their best around here it is pretty easy to ignore this. With things at an absolute crawl lately, it became glaringly obvious that it is time for me to make a change.

This is not to say that I am leaving completely. I still love this place, primarily because there are some people here who are real friends of mine. I will still be here in some capacity. I just need to say goodbye to the days of checking xanga twenty times per day and posting here all the time. It is counter-productive. No one will mind if I talk a little bit less around here. Seems most people have stopped listening as much anyway.

You know I was wondering recently why Xanga still has a reputation of being the blog site of choice for 16 year old emo kids. Maybe it’s because this place does not allow people to grow.

– Dave



  1. I am sorry to see you spend less time on here but I could tell you were getting frustrated.  When we see friends move on their way, we have less of a desire to be here.  We have just seen a lot of people move on recently.  I am interested in marketing and I have a few ideas about how you can market your comedy act.  Let me know if you are interested.

  2. We decided the same this morning. We’ll come by to read the ones that remain and enjoy, but we won’t be posting under AnamcharaConcepts on Xanga any longer. The emo’s have taken over the asylum. See ya around Dave and good luck.

  3. Oh Dave, Dave, Dave,You ego maniac.You’re a talented , funny, guy Dave.I have said this before..Xanga allows you to grow, you have chosen not to.You’ve never commented on my blog, and I bet you haven’t on any other new followers either.Maybe I’m wrong…..Do what you have to do, but don’t blame Xanga.

  4. Good stuff. I am happy for you on making this decision!It is true that Xanga doesn’t allow people to grow when they make it their main focus every day. That’s why I know I’ll be Xanga-ing less now that I have started University.But you know that whenever you have a great day where you enjoyed your show and felt it went well, or a bad one where you found yourself once again with people “who can’t even move forward with their own careers”, or a specially interesting one for any other reason, then we Xangans are still here to hear about it. Good luck!

  5. I was just starting to have some fun pushing yer buttons. Shit!  Do what you have to do man, you have a lot of talent and it would be great to see you succeed. I wish you a zillion laughs and all the luck in the world. It isn’t hard to understand why you and others are leaving either.   In any case, good luck and all the best! Make sure to drop back once in awhile, I need practice heckling. Stevie T

  6. Don’t leave me, who will mock my incredibly bad dance moves? I’m hidden inspiration! haha.I know what you mean about not moving on. We are only “famous” in Xanga and no where else. If you’re famous on your own blog site, well, you’re pretty much a celebrity invited to judge Miss America or award shows. Think like Perez maybe.

  7. Even if you grow away from Xanga, I’ll still follow you no matter where you go.  Thankfully I don’t browse Xanga and I didn’t know how emo-y it has gotten. I’m content to just keep with my favorite few.

  8. I don’t know you nor have I ever commented but you are understood. Best of wishes and hope you get your groove back and find what you are looking for. Always keep your friends close though. If you can’t xanga them, text them or call just to say hello… unless you are limited on minutes. πŸ™‚ Good luck !! 

  9. @Bricker59 – since when is commenting the fertilizer for growth on Xanga?  I think he’s referring to the interface and tech of Xanga itself, as well as the demographic it draws.

  10. I’m sad to see you go.  I share some of the same feelings you do about xanga currently.  Many people on here are chock full of immaturity and rudeness.  And when you want people to listen to you, no one is there.  I don’t write amazing blogs or anything, but it still means something to me to get replies.  I hope you find what you’re looking for out there.

  11. Oh, no. You’re growing- not saying you’re emo or anything. Fly away. Xanga believes in you. So, I guess Twitter will be the top priority now, eh? If you want more followers, try adding a #comic #NewYork #California to every other Tweet. People like that. XD

  12. @Bricker59 – Well, if your point was his level of engagement, I don’t think I am.  Dave is pretty active on many blogs and comments frequently.  My point is that it doesn’t matter – in fact, the more active you are on Xanga, the more it starts to wear on your since quality isn’t maintained across the board.  Commenting seems futile or opens you up for an all-too-common flame war.

  13. i rule the world, now!  jk.i don’t think Xanga is the place to become REAL famous.  that requires something more.  i really hope you find it, and send me a link.also, i’ll be in NYC, soon.  put it in your Outlook, immediately.

  14. I don’t know. My blog’s all about raising awareness about the world as it changes and about provoking thought…and I have pretty much been accomplishing that goal. I wouldn’t have the resources to accomplish that anywhere else. My other blog, that I created most recently, which is dedicated to my learning, other interests, thoughts and observations about my life, and my faith (paganism, ftw) has kicked off rather nicely. Much more nicely than when I started my news blog..which had developed at a snail’s pace until last year…and has since developed a steady growth since.I think it depends on the person. For you, Vanedave, xanga’s probably not where you can kick start the personal growth you crave…and wherever you go next, I hope you have outstanding luck…but I think xanga still provides something great and good, and maybe even something that can help contribute something cool to our lives, for at least some people. It’s just that, like any social community, the bad apples are prevalent and do often ruin it for the best of the best of us…and things decay or fray from there.<3 I’m glad you’re not totally leaving. ^_^

  15. @Dare2BDiferentt – Seems us xangalebrities are a dying breed Nick. Soon you’ll be the only cool kid left on the block.@raiderjester – thanks dude. All I know right now is that it’s necessary.@kidzandK9z – aww thanks. Don’t worry you’ll be able to find me though. I’ll update soon with some info.@Murazrai – I agree, but that is not what I am looking for at this point.@Bricker59 – Bricker I know I haven’t commented you much, if at all, but that does not mean I have not been active. I have been one of the most active people on xanga. I have hosted contests, I have created sub communities, I have tried to reach out to new users. I can honestly tell you that I have been always tried hard to foster a true sense of “community” here. This is not solely about my discontent with xanga as of late. My reasons for moving on center more around the fact that xanga cannot give me what I am seeking at this point. A place where I can really make a name for myself. Not a name just on xanga, which I alaready have, but a name for myself in general.

  16. Dave, I love your blogs and videos of your performances.  I am glad you are going to be promoting yourself, I feel you will be good at it.  I don’t understand though why Xanga is not allowing you to grow?  It is just a space for typing?  Good Luck with everything ❀  You may be taking a few steps back so you can get a good run to jump to the next level

  17. @crazy2love – Thanks. I won’t be too far.@OhItWontBeForever – I will be sure to come back here and bitch to you guys from time to time. Hey and I just wanted to thank you specifically for being such a loyal reader over the last few months. I’ve noticed and I really do appreciate it. If I hadn’t been so unhappy with this place as of late I probably would have gotten around to showing you some love sooner.@edlives –  Thanks alot Joel. I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on with me.@MyHomeIsWriting –  I’ve been here almost six and this is the first time I’ve felt this way. If it weren’t for the fact that I truly do love this place, I’d be gone for good. @ShamelesslyRed – Maybe so Red. We shall see.@dikdoktor – Ahh dude I will be giving you guys all the info for my comedy site real soon. More standup, more humor, less bitching. Hope you’ll check it out.@iStephanieMarie – I will definitely pop in from time to time to mock your dancing. lol.@Laryssa – Now what kind of silly ass question was that? Of course I will.@Kalligenia – I appreciate  the hell out of you Kal. I can’t wait till five years from now when we are joking about how you were my only reader for a long time.@MLeonova – Thanks. I hope you come on back sometime. I am not always this depressing.@mixedbabiesrock – come on now, you know I’ll let you know.@haloed – it’s just not what it used to be.@DommieDisaster – aww Dommie I’ll make sure you know where to find me.

  18. Don’t thank me as if I am nice. πŸ˜€ I read you because I love your writing, not because I am a good person. Rawr, I am in fact a meanie. Haha.In all seriousness, you don’t have to thank me or show any love. I genuinely love reading your posts and just the chance to do that is enough.But thank you anyhow for the thank you. That was really sweet. You made my day. πŸ™‚

  19. @milubbles – I’ll be on twitter, but mostly I’ll be working from my website. I’ll put the info out soon. Thanks for the twitter tip though.@elelkewljay – Cali is definitely on my list. I am doing my first show outsifde of NYC this weekend. Can’t wait!@ccarothers –  You won’t have to let me go. I’ll be updating with infor on my new site soon. I hope you;ll come over.@TheBigShowAtUD – lemme know when dude. This time no trannies though.@mustardcat – I will definitely let you guys know where my stuff will be posted. Thanks for asking.@saintvi – No you are not chopped liver at all. I will not let you guys get out of touch. @MyFreedomWings – thanks alot. Xanga has been good to me and I am not turning my back on it. I just need to start focusing on my career more. This is not the place to do that.@TheLoquaciousLady – I got that from you a few times. It has become a chore to keep up here at times.@Krissy_Cole – Dan and I are definitely going to talk. And I will not be a stranger.@nattata – lol. I won’t. I promise.@storyslut – Here’s hoping. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. Stay tuned for updates soon!

  20. People will be coming to see you in droves – I’m sure of that. Good luck man.  If you ever need a professional heckler, give me a shout. I’d be glad to fuck with ya’!!!  heheheheheheheheh  Just kiddin’, as always.  Maybe if you take some time and get out of here, you’ll really excel. Get back to your Roots. (theme from Rocky here)  —   Knock em’ dead Dave!!!!  

  21. VD, now I feel bad I didn’t heckle you more :-p That said…you’re the first Xangan celeb who I actually think is making the right move by leaving. This isn’t what your career needs. You need a way to network more and be more hyperlocal, not to have a scattered entourage of friends–at least not at this point in your career. Good luck. 

  22. Professional dot-com, huh? Possibly through WordPress. Makes sense. Xanga is no place to get famous IRL, and neither is Twitter. Back in the day, even I could earn a follower or two if I could tweet cleverly enough. Not now- too many spammers clogging up trending topics. It’s been getting worse. So a professional dot-com is likely the best place for you to do your thing.Though there’s nothing keeping you from posting on more than one site. You can post the same material on several sites and do so fairly quickly if you’re just copy-pasting. Many people do that.Good luck with your career. Keep aiming high.P.S. I agree with the one who said to take Dan up on his offer.

  23. Mmm.I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus just because it’s so much maintenance keeping up a successfull xanga.Which I mean, I don’t have a popular one, but still, if I get a comment, I feel pretty bad if I’m not replying.Hope to see you now and then though.Let us know how you’re doing πŸ™‚

  24. Ahh, but those of us who ARE your friends will give you other ways to stay in touch if you want to. Private message me/us (ABD too); and we’ll be happy to take care of that. You’ve clearly moved past the “can’t share my real name,” stage, honey. Oh, and I’ve ALWAYS thought you should market yourself. Keep your Xanga; use it for inspiration; refresh yourself with the interactions here. But, turn your attention to marketing yourself. Submit rants to The Daily Show, to Sat. Night Live, to whatever outlets you think are a good fit. Look at those whose careers you hope to emulate; and ASK THEM what they think you should do to move closer to your goals. I truly believe you not only have talent; but you also have the WILL to get to wherever you want to be. 

  25. Okay. Okay. I’m not going to read the other comments first because they’ll all say what I want to say which would leave me with nothing to say which I don’t want to happen.*deep cleansing breath*I’m sad. I’m relieved you’re not completely leaving us with a big “F-you” attitude or anything. I’m relieved you aren’t writing this place totally off. But I’m sad all the same. I kind of wanted to yell at you for this (haha) just to get a reaction out of you, but I won’t. I’m not really mad. I totally get what you’re saying and I’m glad you’re making a change. Change will help you narrow down what the next step is for you, and I sincerely hope you have great success in both ventures. You are a funny–not just funny, a TALENTED guy, Dave, and don’t ever let anybody tell you different. You’ve also been nice to me, and I appreciate that. :)I always look forward to your posts, so expect to see my footprints meandering all over your site… πŸ˜› And please keep us updated. ~V

  26. @lizheartshakespeare – I’ll have some news for you real soon Liz.@GreekPhysique – thanks alot dude. You hit the nail right on the head.@Peridot21 – @josiebunny – I’m not too far guys. @Garistotle – Now you know I am still going to pop in to do the occasional XTV!@ModernBunny – I am definitely taking Dan up on his offer. You are right about the cross posting btw. I’ll figure it all out. Either way, we’ll be in touch Jojo.@WifeOfAGayHusband – Aww thanks. I”ll be in touch soon. @Ro_ad808 –  Well I hope you’ll keep following when I start my new site up.

  27. @caveatraptor – It hurts me to move away from xanga. I wish it could facilitate me in my next steps, but it just cannot.@Phoeeenix – I will. I promise.@Shirlann – Now you know I will keep in touch. I’ve gotta message you.@TheMarriedFreshman – V you are without a doubt one of the most genuinely nice people in this place. I promise you I will never be too far. No matter if I am here or somewhere else, you can always reach me. And although I may have a tough time getting back to everyone sometimes, I will try to always make sure I get back to you.@another_rebel_without_a_cause – Dude I will still be writing. Unlike those other losers you just mentioned.@maniacsicko – thanks. I hope things get better around here soon.@RestlessButterfly – @forever_musing – @TheCheshireGrins – Thank you all for the kind wishes. I’ll have an update soon.

  28. I am sad that Cheryl just introduced me to you less then two months ago..I love your make me laugh…I can’t wait to see you headlining some will all over…..take care of yourself!!

  29. Dave you dont want to grow as a blogger.  I mean really.  Blogging isnt a career.  You want to be an announcer or entertainer.  You have a likability about you that makes you well suited for a career in that field. YES, get the fuck off the computer so much and get on with searching for an opportunity and marketing your talents.  Good luck.  

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