My Tolerance Has Been Monopolized

I consider my self a pretty mellow dude. Most times I am a patient and understanding person, but one thing I know about myself is that when my patience runs out, it’s out. Whatever happens after that is your problem.

There is only but so much tolerance I have for bullshit in a given week. This means the small little bullshit like some dude not refilling the coffee pot at work, or the big bullshit like some shady promoter trying to stiff me out of forty bucks. If I am ever having a week where the amount of crap I have had to put up with maxes out this tolerance, then my ability to properly cope with BS when I am presented with it becomes thoroughly impaired.

Make sense? Here let me give you an example;

So this week my BS meter was at critical mass by Wednesday. I was teetering on the edge of losing it. Then my father came along and gave me some guilt trip about something that happened in his mind. Not in real life, but in his crazy ass mind. That was it. My tolerance was officially used up for the week. As a result, when one of my co-workers was sitting in the break room bitching about her life and asking why she can’t keep a man, I abruptly blurted out “maybe because you are so friggin annoying!”

If my tolerance had been at normal levels I would have simply ignored the fact that she asks the same dumb ass question everyday, but the situation being what it was, I simply could not do it.

So now things are a little awkward at the office. On the plus side, I think this lady might take pause before she asks us that supid ass question again.



  1. I love it when that happens!!!  When my tolerance is beyond its limit and I spout something off like that, it just cracks me up.  The response from people is priceless really.  And, when you think about it, after you say something like that, doesn’t your tolerance meter go down a bit?  And the best part of all is that later, when you look back and remember it, you always have something to laugh about al beit those targets of your outbusrt might not have reason to smile.  But you will and that really is all that matters.  Right? 

  2. I completely empathize the tolerance meter thing. Mine seems to run out nearly every day, what with three kids and a man to care for. :pBut in answer to the tags, yeah, I think that was mean. *shrugs* I’m not trying guilt-trip you or anything like that, I’m just honestly giving my opinion. Maybe she does need some wake-up call comments, but “friggin’ annoying” doesn’t really tell her anything constructive. And I highly doubt you said something in order to help her out. :p Like I said, I don’t say this because I think you’re a jerk and I want you to feel bad. I say it because I know you’re capable of being bigger than your emotions and because you asked (although, I think you may have been asking rhetorically…). It’s alright. Tomorrow is a new day and you always have a choice. When life is tough, it just means you’re on the bend in the road that’s taking you somewhere new.~V

  3. Well, sometimes speaking your mind can have the side benefit of shutting people up! 🙂 I’ve always wondered why people feel that their co-workers are the best folks to be seeking advice about one’s love life from? 

  4. Dear David,I just read your entry about the gig for which YOU had to pay 50 bucks, and I can plainly see why your tolerance level is so askew. Just don’t go getting all Kanye on us, okay?In the workplace, it’s difficult sometimes to put up with the b.s. of the coworkers. At least you were honest, and hopefully, as you say, the gal might think twice before lamenting the same lament. Now calm down.I’ve been sporadically blogging since my operation in June, and now I’m ready to get back into the swing of Xangalife again, so I’ll come back and watch your latest performance vid and the one from your earlier entry. I’ve gone for almost half a year without making one of my MIkeVideos, and I’m about ready to fire up the creative juices and stay up late at night editing too!You know lots of peeps on Xanga. I’m looking for a musician to supply background music for my vids. The link to my MikeVideo website is above, and I have examples in my video section on my Xanga blog. Over 15 percent of my vids have had their soundtrack disabled on YouTube for “copyright issues” even though I create mashups for the most part. My friend who used to supply original instrumental accompaniment has been lost in the World of Warcraft for the past five years and doesn’t compose much anymore. If you know someone who works in a variety of styles, I’d be appreciative to “meet” them online. (That was just a free associative thought. I haven’t really gone looking for a collaborator as yet.)Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

  5. That sort of brutally honest communication between people is sometimes a necessary step for either part or both. I advocate in favor of being that way with your dad too if in fact the reason he bitched at you was entirely in his mind. 

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