Top 10 Most Lol-Worthy Rap Beefs of All Time

#10. Wyclef vs. LL Cool J

This mini beef was a spin off of the much more publicized LL vs. Canibus beef. After Clef produced Canibus’ “Second Round KO” (The LL diss record), LL went on to diss Clef in his “Return of the Ripper ” retalliation record by calling him a Bob Marley impersonator. The record that Clef put out in response was funny on a few different levels.

– First off, the track was called “What’s Clef?”. The hook was him singing “what’s clef got to do with it” to the tune of Tina Turner. Pretty odd for a diss record, no?

– Clef and LL are two rappers that really have no business battling. That shit just comes off awkward.

– Speaking of awkward, Naomi Campbell makes a cameo on this record at the end. She signs in just to tell LL that his record was wack, and that he needs to give up. As one youtuber so aptly pointed out,

“Naomi Campbell on this track is one of the biggest “Wtf” moments in history…so random”


  1. Can’t imagine Wyclef Jean battling anyone. He just seems like this nice guy. wtf.

    P.S. I think I accidentally sent this comment without a name. XP Just don’t post that one.

  2. I remember that. I was like, “Didn’t Clef just release a record using the BeeGee’s music and now he’s battling LL??” That’s like Elmo trying to start a gang on Sesame Street. WTH?? LOL

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