Darth Vader FAIL

This is the type of thing you just can’t make up…

What? No light saber?

Yesterday morning, a man wearing half of a Darth Vader costume walked into a Long Island bank and robbed that bitch! Here are some thoughts I had when I heard about this story.

– Finally, a crime where racial profiling will not point to all the black dudes.

– Makes sense that this dude would have no money. Those Darth Vader costumes cost a grip!

– Can you imagine the range of emotions that the bank clerks must have been going through? They must have gone from “what the fuck?”, to  “hahaha, what a funny prank”, to “holy shit I hope this crazy mofo doesn’t shoot me!”

– Do you think he did the Darth Vader voice as he was robbing the place? You can’t wear a Darth Vader mask and NOT do the voice!

"My lack of funds disturbs me."

People are so silly sometimes.



    1. He probably dresses up as a normal guy on Halloween, and walks around as Darth Vader for the rest of the year.

    2. And don’t try to play Long Island. Do I need to remind you about the league of Super Heroes in Ohio a few years back?

  1. I saw that on the news and laughed so hard. Oh yeah, he had to use the Vader voice for the robbery. Maybe tried to force choke one of the employees when they snickered at him.

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