It’s Fun to do Bad Things

ry fun show last night on NYComedyUnderground Radio. My guests were LA based comedian Amy Dresner ( and fellow BTR host Lola Mack ( Rather than trying to sum things up, I decided to list some excerpts from the show. These are phrases that came out of people’s mouths.

“kids are getting shittier and shittier”
“an open palmed bitchslap”
“I don’t want people to get the impression that you flash your boobs on stage”
“I sound like Johnny Cash”
“then you see I am talking about pussy hairdos”
“open mics are like AA meetings, sex therapy, and depressives anonymous rolled into one”
“I wouldn’t want to pass the shit from my genetical pool onto anyone”
“I embarass my fiance every time I step on stage”
“Did it have semen in it?”
“I think putting the condom on her head was enough”
“I don’t believe in spankings, I believe in beatings”
“The worst is these kids having kids who are going out to clubs every night”
“Every time I see a teenager there is this uncontrollable rage that builds in me”
“It’s fun to do bad things”
“I knew kids who used to play dodge the cars after school”
“These parents are watching Justin Bieber and Harry Potter and are on Team Edward”
“Y’know what, fuck kids”

For more of the madness you can download the episode –

or listen via the player below.

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