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I like to write things that either make you laugh or scratch your head and say what the hell kind of drugs is this guy taking? Either reaction is good for me.

Ship of Fools

Join me tonight at 10 PM ET, for another thrilling episode of NYComedyUnderground Radio. My guests tonight include comedians Brian Baron, and Brett Eidman. We will be celebrating stupidity on the Eve of the most ridiculous day of the year (aside from Valentine’s Day, of course.)

Date / Time: 3/31/2011 10:00 PM

Category: Comedy

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Join us for a pre April Fool’s day celebration of stupidity. We’ve got stupid news, we’ve got stupid stories, and of course we’ve got stupid people. (Not naming any names.)

The Best Show Yet!

I love it when something comes together exactly as you planned it. Yesterday was one of those times.

Last night’s show on strip club etiquette was by far the best show we’ve done so far. It was fun, we had great guests, and on top of everything else, it was educational. It actually went even better than I had hoped for.

Let me give you a quick recap:

10:00 – The show started off on a musical note. Alex (my co-host for the night) and I discussed some of the best songs for stripping and fielded some suggestions from twitter and facebook. Our choices included Low by Flo Rida, The Whisper Song by The Ying Yang Twins, and Doo Doo Brown by Uncle Luke.

10:10 – Our first guest was a female exotic dancer by the name of Bianca. Alex expressed his great appreciation for her work and we both took turns asking her questions about her craft. Among other things, we learned that it is okay to get aroused while getting a lap dance, and the best ways to tip your dancers at the club.

10:25 – We opened up the lines to callers who had questions for Bianca and discussed more basic rules of strip club etiquette. We also touched on important factors such as strip club food and strip club ATMs.

10:35 – Our second guest was just as much fun as the first. A male dancer by the name of Anthony joined us and shared some of his experiences in the exotic entertainment parties. We explored the topics of sex crazed old women, male strippers being gay, and what Anthony does when a guy wants to tip him at a party.

10:45 – Some of our lady listeners called in with some very interesting questions for Anthony. My favorite being, “Do you ever put your penis on women’s foreheads?” 

10:55 – I shared the story of Queen LaQueefa with my guests and listeners. We all had a great laugh as I told tales of her unique talents.

I encourage you all to have a listen when you have a chance. You can listen to archived shows via the website at any time. Here are the links. (I am also posting the player on this page.)


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Drunk People On the Radio…

Join me tonight at 10 PM ET for another episode of NYComedyUnderground Radio. My guests tonight include the sisguntingly cute and adorably funny Jessica Lovelace-Chandler ( It’s St. Patty’s Day and we are getting into the spirit by getting drunk on the air.  Will I finish the show in one piece? You’ll just have to tune in to see.




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A Fine Excuse to Drink

Date / Time: 3/17/2011 10:00 PM



Fake Holidays

Well everyone, its officially St. Patrick’s Day. Are you drunk yet?

Of all the fake holidays out there, St. Patrick’s Day has got to be one of the best. Now when I say fake holiday, I don’t mean that St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t mean something to certain people. There are true Irish men and women who hold the day near and dear to their hearts. They celebrate with traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation. They gather with their friends and families and break bread, they participate in parades, and instead of going crazy for green beer, they get drunk on the real stuff.


As for the rest of us, St. Patty’s Day is a fake holiday. An excuse to go out and party and blow off work.

There are many fake holidays in the year. Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Cinco de Mayo, Election Day, and of course all of the Jewish Holidays. Of all the fake holidays, St. Patty’s Day has got to be right up there in terms of awesomeness. People get up at the crack of dawn and are in bars and pubs from the wee morning hours till late at night. It is a non-stop party! Halloween also gets high marks for all the girls who dress up all slutty and stuff, but sometimes planning a costume can be a pain in the ass. Today all you need is a green shirt and an ID card.

Remember…Never drink and blog.

So what do you guys think? What is your favorite fake holiday?


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It’s Fun to do Bad Things

ry fun show last night on NYComedyUnderground Radio. My guests were LA based comedian Amy Dresner ( and fellow BTR host Lola Mack ( Rather than trying to sum things up, I decided to list some excerpts from the show. These are phrases that came out of people’s mouths.

“kids are getting shittier and shittier”
“an open palmed bitchslap”
“I don’t want people to get the impression that you flash your boobs on stage”
“I sound like Johnny Cash”
“then you see I am talking about pussy hairdos”
“open mics are like AA meetings, sex therapy, and depressives anonymous rolled into one”
“I wouldn’t want to pass the shit from my genetical pool onto anyone”
“I embarass my fiance every time I step on stage”
“Did it have semen in it?”
“I think putting the condom on her head was enough”
“I don’t believe in spankings, I believe in beatings”
“The worst is these kids having kids who are going out to clubs every night”
“Every time I see a teenager there is this uncontrollable rage that builds in me”
“It’s fun to do bad things”
“I knew kids who used to play dodge the cars after school”
“These parents are watching Justin Bieber and Harry Potter and are on Team Edward”
“Y’know what, fuck kids”

For more of the madness you can download the episode –

or listen via the player below.

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It’s Called Child “REARING” for a Reason!

Join me Tonight at 10 PM ET on NYComedyUnderground Radio as we discuss how messed up kids are in today’s society.

Are kids getting worse with each passing generation?

What are we doing wrong?

Are you for or against whooping a kid’s ass?


Upcoming Episodes

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G’s Up Hoes Down (Gender Equality in the 21st Century)

In honor of Women’s History Month we will be talking about issues surrounding gender equality. Do you think gender equality exists? How do you celebrate Women’s History Month? How do you feel about women still being allowed to vote and have jobs outside the home? Come join the discussion.

Gender Equality in the 21st Century

Date / Time: 3/3/2011 10:00 PM

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