Reader’s Choice

So I’ve come to a point once again where I have a backlog of blog ideas that I have not tackled as of yet. I am enlisting you all to help me figure out which topics I should tackle next. So please if you don’t mind, take a second to peruse these topics and let me know what you would like to hear about most. (The Xanga Mini Series is not an option to choose. I have not decided if I definitely want to do that yet.)

How My Friend Alex Shat Himself (loooong overdue!)

The Case Against Censoring Words in Writing

Nurture vs. Nature (A Spirited Debate)

Why I Occasionally Make You Feel More Neglected Than One of Wilt Chamberlain’s Kids

Top 10 Albums I Own That Violate My African American Maleness

Why Popular Xangans Leave Terrible Comments

Re-Writing the Bible

How My Readers Have Spoiled Me

My Thoughts on the Maury Show

Xanga The Mini-Series (Possibly. Work in progress.)