A Message to Justin Bieber

So I saw the MTV Video Awards over the weekend, and after watching, there is something I want to say.

Justin Bieber


As a matter of fact, you aren’t even American.
Take your Canadian ass back to Canada!

(and while you’re at it, take Drake with you.)

Speaking of guys who are not black.

The Last Word…

Some people just gotta fuck shit up…

So yesterday a lot of you got a message from me expressing my disapproval of one of the posts xanga chose to feature. The post was entitled “We are so Screwed” and it was in a word, dangerous. The author made remarks about Obama rigging the election, about how he is not his president, and worst of all that he murdered his grandmother. There was much more about how we on the coasts are ignoramuses and how people who voted for Obama are either bad or ignorant. Now look, I am not saying that this guy shouldn’t have written this garbage (although I find it absolutely hilarious that he edited it so as to tone down the radicalism since yesterday). It’s his site he can write whatever the hell he wants. My issue was that Xanga chose to put this on the front page.

Now for me to be criticizing Xanga’s taste in featured blogs after being featured for two days in a row might sound a bit less than gracious. You may call me a hypocrite for it. The fact of the matter is that it would be hypocritical of me not to speak up about this. This is a critical time for our country. As happy as I am with the results of this election I also understand that there are many people who are just as unhappy, or angry, or just plain scared. Whatever their reasons may be for having these feelings, I am not one to say that they are not entitled to them. However these feelings of anger or fear should not be stoked. We should be helping people to properly cope with these feelings and find ways to move past them. Making up ridiculous accusations that Obama rigged the election and murdered his grandmother will not help our divided nation heal.

I’ve read many blogs from happy people who supported Obama and are optimistic about our future over the past two days, and I have also read some very poignant entries from McCain supporters who expressed their disappointment in a much more somber and respectful manner. However disappointed they might have been though, they all hoped for the best for our country under Obama. They all vowed to give him a chance. If Xanga wanted to put a different perspective up, they might have given a few of these posts some consideration. 

That’s really all I am hoping for out of those of you who are not as pleased with the outcome of this election. Give the man a chance. A fair chance. I feel as if there are some people out there who won’t be happy unless Barack Obama personally delivers a gold plated Mercedes to their driveway. If McCain had won I would have been devastated. I would have been a little scared too (especially with the prospect of President Palin looming large). Still I would have held my head up and looked toward the future with the hope that McCain would do his best to make our country better. I would have prayed every night for his health and I would not have been so damned bitter about it.  Though I would have kept up with the Canadian real estate market just in case.

In the end I am not here to bitch about Xanga. I love Xanga, I really do. Which is why I expect more out of it. I expect it to have a bit more of a sense of social responsibility. We shouldn’t be in the business of promoting hate. There are those of you out there who think this is about freedom of speech. As I’ve said before this guy can say whatever he wants. Just please consider for the moment that we are a divided and fragile nation, and that Obama has a huge target on his head. Let’s TRY to do a little better with our words.