flight attendant

JetBlue Not True?!!

“Say it ain’t so Steve!”

That is what I kept yelling at my computer screen when I read the news this morning. Apparently, Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who captured our hearts earlier this week, turned out to be full of crap. Instead of being the victim in this scenario, there are now strong indications that he was to blame for everything. Witnesses say that Slater was intoxicated and that he instigated the altercation with the passenger who he claimed was rude to him.

At first I refused to believe it. However after piecing everything together… the getting on the PA system, the jumping out of the plane’s emergency exit, grabbing a few beers for the road, running home to have some sex before the cops caught up with him… yeah it actually makes perfect sense that he was drunk.

I feel so disilliusioned right now. This is worse than when I found out that Pamela Anderson’s boobs were not real.

I need a beer.