#9 Most Lol-Worthy Rap Beef of All Time

#9. Pras v. Biggie

This is probably the most random matchup of all. Raise your hand if you were even aware that these two had beef! 

Pras’ beef with Biggie has always made me scratch my head (and chuckle). There is a track on The Score  called “The Mask” where Pras, (a.k.a., the only member of the group who never really mattered) takes a shot at Biggie. The line goes as follows:

“Yo did you shoot him?”

“Nah kid, I didn’t have the balls. That’s when I realized I’m bumpin’ too much Biggie Smalls.”

(To hear the line, play @ 3:30 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zafnr5YKrc8)

Wtf?!! So apparently Pras is implying that listening to Biggie makes you into a bitch. Where did that come from? What’s more is that I have never heard anyone even acknowledge this. The Score was one of the biggest albums in hip hop history, I am sure SOMEONE in the Bad Boy camp had to notice this. 

Could it be that Pras was just so insignificant, that everyone just laughed it off? I could really picture Biggie hearing this and just going,

“Well isn’t that cute? He thinks he’s a rapper!”

#10. Wyclef vs. LL Cool J