Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore is Done!

You had your routine all set:

Every Thursday at 10 PM, you turn on your TV and immerse yourself in the complete and utter tomfoolery that is Jersey Shore. (Yep. I said “tomfoolery”. I’m bringing it back!) You do it because somewhere deep inside of you, you have become accustomed to the idiocy. It may have started off with the Real World, or maybe Flavor of Love, or maybe even Fox and Friends, but now you’ve come to depend on the Shore for your fix.

Jersey Shore Season 3
You have a disease. I am not judging you.

Now that Jersey Shore is over, where are you going to turn for your weekly supply of stupid? Where will your brain cells now go to die a slow, methodical death? Before you go searching through MTV’s programming schedule, might I make a suggestion?

There is a show, which comes on at the same convenient 10 PM time slot. A show which, if given the chance, can be a fairly steady source of wtf moments and ridiculous antics. For example, here are some of the stupid things you can look forward to on tonight’s show:

– Dave and Alex figure out if their taste in music is gay.
– Can you catch the gay? Our in depth (not literally) research is revealed.
– Tonight’s guests include a black standup comic from Wisconsin (I didn’t even know they had black people) and a dude who wants people to pay him to chop his penis off.

That last part was totally serious.

So join me and my cast of merry fools tonight for another episode of NYComedyUnderground radio. It’s fun and it’s free.

Listen online: That’s Kinda Gay

Call in live: 858-815-2314

Catch Me if You Can

I will be appearing at the Eastville Comedy Club tomorrow, February 26th at 7 PM. It is my first show in quite a while and I am really excited to be getting my groove back. Looking forward to seeing anyone who can make it.

Eastville Comedy Club
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New York, NY 10003
(212) 260-2445

You can aslo catch me on the radio every Thursday at 10 PM ET. Click the button below for more info.

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8 Reasons to Dislike Jersey Shore

#1 – Sammi
#2 – Ronnie
#3 – “The Situation”
#4 – Vinny
#5 – Pauly D
#6 – Snooki
#7 – JWoww

In case you were paying attention, yes that is only 7 reasons thus far. #8 is not new cast member Deena Nicole. Instead, I arrived at 8 reasons, by counting “JWoww” twice. She gets double points for being ridiculous enough to have two w’s at the end of her name.

As if “JWow” wouldn’t have been bad enough?