#8 Most Lol-Worthy Rap Beef

#8. Jermaine Dupri v Dr. Dre

What makes this one so bad is how thorough of an ass whooping Dre put on Jermaine Dupri. This one all stemmed from a 2001 interview in XXL magazine, where JD claimed to be the greatest producer alive. He went on to name Puffy, Dre, and Timbaland, saying he had more skills than all of them. Dre did not appreciate this.

JD’s comments in XXL eventually led to Dre totally shitting on him in the Eminem single “What You Say“. Dre tore JD to shreds. Some of the lines:

 “Fuck Jermaine, he don’t belong speaking mine or Timbaland’s name”

“Ya midget. Mini-me, with a bunch of little mini-yous runnin’ around ya backyard swimming pool.”

“Over 80 million records sold. And I ain’t have to do it with 10 or 11 year olds.”

Then at the end of the track, Timbaland pops in to tell JD to suck his… well, you know what. I love this track. That shit is so hard. Now as for Dupri’s retalliation record, let’s just say it was not even in the same league. His comeback had some of the worst lines ever (complete lyrics here.)!

“See I know you don’t do half the work in the studio,
plus you like lettin’ niggas playing with your booty hole.”

“You same beat making non rapping individual,
I was making what you make now when I was a child”

“Eminem, I left you out deliberatly,You know why?”
“Cause to me, You’re like a character in Disney World,
Known for dissing pop groups and Justin’s x girl”

Is it me, or does it sound like a five year old wrote this? I feel like an appropriate response to this would be,
“You’re rubber and I’m glue!”

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