The Best Show Yet!

I love it when something comes together exactly as you planned it. Yesterday was one of those times.

Last night’s show on strip club etiquette was by far the best show we’ve done so far. It was fun, we had great guests, and on top of everything else, it was educational. It actually went even better than I had hoped for.

Let me give you a quick recap:

10:00 – The show started off on a musical note. Alex (my co-host for the night) and I discussed some of the best songs for stripping and fielded some suggestions from twitter and facebook. Our choices included Low by Flo Rida, The Whisper Song by The Ying Yang Twins, and Doo Doo Brown by Uncle Luke.

10:10 – Our first guest was a female exotic dancer by the name of Bianca. Alex expressed his great appreciation for her work and we both took turns asking her questions about her craft. Among other things, we learned that it is okay to get aroused while getting a lap dance, and the best ways to tip your dancers at the club.

10:25 – We opened up the lines to callers who had questions for Bianca and discussed more basic rules of strip club etiquette. We also touched on important factors such as strip club food and strip club ATMs.

10:35 – Our second guest was just as much fun as the first. A male dancer by the name of Anthony joined us and shared some of his experiences in the exotic entertainment parties. We explored the topics of sex crazed old women, male strippers being gay, and what Anthony does when a guy wants to tip him at a party.

10:45 – Some of our lady listeners called in with some very interesting questions for Anthony. My favorite being, “Do you ever put your penis on women’s foreheads?” 

10:55 – I shared the story of Queen LaQueefa with my guests and listeners. We all had a great laugh as I told tales of her unique talents.

I encourage you all to have a listen when you have a chance. You can listen to archived shows via the website at any time. Here are the links. (I am also posting the player on this page.)


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# 6 Lol-Worthy Rap Beef (KRS One v. Nelly)

6.  KRS One v. Nelly

(This is one of my personal favorites. Nobody goes harder than KRS One.)

When I was in college I had the pleasure of going to see KRS One do a lecture on hip hop. He talked about the origins of hip hop and where he saw it going in the future (I don’t think he envisioned such a bleak future.) During the Q and A portion, someone from the audience asked him what he thought about Nelly. (At the time Nelly was at the top of his game. This was right around when “Hot in Here” was killing the charts.) As soon as KRS heard Nelly’s name come out of this dude’s mouth he went OFF!


He proceeded with a five minute rant explaining why. I was cracking up the entire time. He broke down some of Nelly’s lyrics in that mad exaggerated KRS One voice. It was great. I later found out that KRS really HATES Nelly. There is stuff all over the place about him shitting on Nelly. Nelly had one little verse on a remix retalliating, but for the most part ignored it.

That is what makes this beef so funny to me though. KRS went MAAAAD hard, and Nelly just kept making money. It was pretty much like, aight KRS you got the street cred, but I got a million dollars. Fuck it.

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