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#5 Rap Beef (Kanye v. 50 Cent)

8. Kanye v. 50 Cent

How bout none of the above?

This one was actually legit in that they were both pretty big in the game when it went down. But what makes this so ridiculous is how little it actually ended up mattering. They both fell off hard after this.

Back on September 11, 2007, Kanye and 50 both had albums set to release. This epic “coincidence” pitted the rappers against eachother in a battle of week 1 sales.  Kanye and 50 both pledged that the loser would retire from the rap game. Looking back, that does not seem like such a bad thing.

Ultimately, Kanye was the winner in this showdown. Kanye’s album, Graduation, was the last decent thing he’d ever put out. From then on he went Autotune crazy and had a large part in fucking up music as we know it. The most notable thing he has done since this battle ensued was to play the shit out of himself at the MTV Video Music Awards. 

50 Cent, the loser in the battle, has fallen off even harder as a rapper. His last three albums have been flops, and he is more about acting now than anything. He was last seen impersonating the Olsen Twins on his twitter page.

They really should have retired.
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