A Xanga Recession!

Alright. I’ve decided to take a break from all the cutesy holiday stuff for today and talk to you straight. There is something we as xangans need to come to grips with. Everyone else is tip-toeing around this, but it needs to be said. XANGA IS IN A RECESSION!

I know this might alarm you. I know it alarmed me when I first realized it. Sometimes you just have to face facts though people. Admission is the first step on the road to recovery. So you may be asking yourself how I came to this conclusion. Well the first thing I noticed was a decrease in my own traffic. I attributed this at first to the fact that I have been blogging exclusively about sappy Christmas stuff and went on not worrying too much about it. Then I noticed that a few of my xanga friends also seemed to be going through traffic dips. The trend started spreading more and more to all parts of xanga. Yesterday as I logged in to the front page I saw the most disturbing evidence yet.
Pay no attention to the fail of a blog circled above. Instead direct your attention to the three most recent featured blogs and their traffic numbers. 8 comments for two of them and a meager 96 comments for aTheologian’s cafe blog! Make no mistake people 96 comments for a Theo blog is a surefire sign of a xanga recession. 96 comments for Dan is the equivalent of 2 comments for most of us (I hate him so much!). Then there was yesterday’s featured question…
This really set the alarms off. I could no longer deny the cold, harsh reality. We are in a recession. Look around you people. People have already been struggling to cope with this. Some sites have been forced into hiatus in an effort to scale back costs. Unfortunately other sites have been shut down altogether. Many xangans have fled to revelife or datingish in hopes that they would be protected by Jesus or the dating messiah equivalent (Chuck Woolery perhaps?). Some of us are not willing to flee from xanga. We will go down with the ship if necessary because we are stubborn and do not want to risk losing any of our eight or nine regular readers. So the question remains; How do those of us who are willing to weather the storm cope in this dismal xanga economy?

Well we could wait for Barack Obama to fix it. That could take a while though. He’s got a lot on his plate. Instead maybe we should figure this thing out for ourselves. In order to solve the problem we must first understand how we got here. In my eyes there are three main contributive factors.

1) A decline in content – Let’s face it people. The overall quality of the content has been lacking as of late. We had a flurry of pretty good writing (whether I agreed or not) around election time. A week or two after that people just started going into a winter slumber (or stupor. depends on who we’re talking about). Either people haven’t been posting at all, or they have been posting the most predictable and redundant crap in the world. Even some of the top bloggers have been slacking as of late. I’ll give you two examples:
-We’ll call our first blogger Xangan X. I don’t want to name any names here so we’ll operate under the condition of anonynimity. Now Xangan X is normally a prolific and entertaining blogger. Slowly but surely his posts started diwindling. He was thought to be missing by many a week or so age but turned up a day later. However, after a brief return for one post, he has once again fallen off the face of xanga after acquiring an XBox 360. And his name rhymes with TheWhackRiderMan.
– We’ll call our second blogger Xangan Y. Xangan Y has been ever present, but her blogging has been more predictable then the plot of an episode of Scooby Doo. Here is the pattern Xangan Y follows. Bitch, whine, repost of past whining, rant, try to be funny (fail), repost of past bitching, crying, bitch, whine, repost of past whining, etc. It’s enough to make your head explode sometimes.

2) The decline of the rec – Not too long ago a rec used to really be worth something. Usually a rec meant at least 5 or 6 more comments, and a rec by the right person would mean alot more. Now there are certain entries where I have almost as many recs as I do comments. I recently had an entry that got 19 recs and only 23 comments. Let me repeat that in caps and bold letters. 19 RECS AND ONLY 23 COMMENTS! The decline of the rec is not so surprising. Its kind of hard to take recs seriously when most items you see in your inbox read something like this;  

somefuckingguy recommended Xangan Y’s weblog entry:
Even More of My Bitching

The value of the rec is plummeting to dangerous lows. In a little while the value of the rec may even be the same as the value of the dollar. That is a scary thought. The rec’s steep decline in value ties into our last factor… 

3) The Rise of Xanga WhoredomNow there have always been comment whores on xanga. Xanga and comment whoredom go together like white people and mayonnaise. The difference is that the whoredom was always under control. Now its an epidemic. Maybe its google adsense, maybe its the fact that we have top blogs and featured now, maybe its an undying thirst for credits. All I know is that way too many people care way more about creating alliances and gaining friends than they do about the quality of writing here. Its why we all get five mass messages a day saying please come read my blog. Its why we have shit like surveys, and plugz, and cut tags, and widgets. Like fuzzlers, pantookers, cantucklers, and fidgets! (Excuse my poor Dr. Seuss impression. I’ve been watching The Grinch alot lately). This is why people will comment, read, and rec a blog endlessly even if it isn’t that good. Because they are going to kiss someone’s ass damnit. If you’re lucky it may be your ass. (Or if you’re unlucky. It’s all about perspective.)

Okay that’s all for today kiddies. Its snowing and I have to hit the road. Now that we understand how we got into this mess maybe we can talk about how to cope with it in part 2. Yes there will be a part 2. HAPPY FRIGGIN FRIDAY DWEEBS!



  1. indeed.  you are quite the Xangaconomist, Dave.  i appreciate this timely evaluation.i, however, am on the rise.  i wonder if i can buy stock in undervalued blogs, and then sell them when the blog boom hits.  let’s start and investment bank.  i think we have enough credits to pool together.

  2. I would rec but I don’t want to appear as if I’m kissing your ass.  Oh what the hell?  Have I told you lately that I love you???  Because it’s true!  You’re my hero!  Now I’m off to randomly rec other’s meaningless blogs and friend people I have no intention of ever getting to know! :o)

  3. At least we’ve also seen a decline in Xanga Porn. It was a billion eProp industry back in the day. And was operating completely outside the rec credit crunch. You know it’s bad when porn sales slump.  BTW, who writes this kinda crap??  REC for sure!

  4. I like to think I care about the quality of writing.  I’m a relative Xanga newb though compared to you people that have been around forever.  Old farts.I’ll bet we see a reverse in the recession come the end of the holiday season.  I know I’m going to go mostly MIA for a week while I visit my parents.  I assume I’m not the only one.

  5. You so nailed everything! specially the rec thing.. sometimes i can see ppl rec just because the person is their friend or someone pleaded PPPLLS rec this and next second i can see it on my universe box. and i hate most that the entry isn’t even worth to rec and ppl still do it.. I am lucky tha i dont have ppl who mass message.. :DBut anywya AWESOME entry!

  6. lol Your tittle alone is win!. But hey I don’t have a life right now, so what if I wanna xanga instead! I promise I am whoring the comments but not my recs.  Don’t you think this recession has to do with the holidays too? Maybe?

  7. Doesn’t xanga always take a traffic dip during the holiday season? And a boom during the summer months? Do we have any independent statistics to be able to see how bad the “recession” is?

  8. I watched the grinch last night with Jim Carey.  bet you didnt know that i knew him.(i get that Xangan Y is avenuetothereal.  that one was easy enough. but i have no clue who Xangan X is.  Whom the fuck?)

  9. Well, there are a lot of times when I read a post that I think is worth recommending so other people read it, but I don’t feel like I have anything to add to the conversation or to comment about, so I don’t. I almost did that here, too.

  10. Your assessment of the situation kind of makes me sad.  I’ve had a site on here for a while, and even though I don’t get a lot of traffic, I enjoy what Xanga has to offer.  I want to know how to be a part of a better Xanga.  Break it down Keith Oberman style please. 

  11. you, sir, are amazing.i apologize for my shitty writing of late.i blame it at least slightly on all these damn drugs in my system.i can’t think straight, anymore!

  12. Phew, so it’s not just me. I thought that the lack of entries for the Holiday Douchebag Contast was just another testament to my non-xangalebrity status (although I’m sure that has something to do with it ). I have to agree that it seems very, very quiet around here lately. And I was rec’ing like a madwoman the other day, but only because there was there was suddenly a bunch of posts that were really funny/interesting/provocative.Thanks for summing it up so well, SuperDave.  (Rec’d, just to piss off Xangan Y  )

  13. You obviously have some wishy washy subscribers.  I have had some wonderful visits and comments and new subscribers. You by the way have not visited in a while, but do I get all up in the air about it? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! hahahahahaha. Seriously Dave, I love this place and any post you post is well worth stopping by to check it out.  Xanga has it’s ups and downs and sideways times.  I personally will not abandon ship.  Too many great writers to leave behind. And that’s Mrs. Dweeb to you! haha (pats heart and points to you)

  14. i havent commented you in a while there Dave-o, but this… i have to comment and rec as well! excellent –  whats the word?? XANGANOMICS.  brilliant analysis and explanation as well. great to see you straying from the Christmas sap, i admit, i wasnt in the Christmas spirit when you jumped ship over to the St.Nick boat (now i am, i caught up). however, another excellent blog.  great to read.

  15. I’ve been getting in bed every night with a lot of the top Xangans…I wonder if this is why I notice the rise in my footprints instead of a drop.  Regardless, I’m not rec’ing this blog…it makes no sense since Snippie did…she has thousands of friends and all of mine.  Unless you want me to, but then you have to ask, and you know what that would make you?  Yup.  P.S.  I love the Grinch movie…I like the part where he says, “I’m an idiot” and the echo says, “You’re and idiot.”  Mmmhmm.  Oh, this is a really good blog by the way…I’m sure you know that already though.

  16. Oh in addition, your point is only further proven by the fact that there are 32 rec’s and 53 comments…but there have been over 400 views. 

  17. Haha… the mayonnaise comment reminded me of that website http://www.StuffWhitePeopleLike.com, which always cracks me up because 1) they always hit the nail on the head and 2) 50% of the time I find myself saying “wait, that’s a ‘white people’ thing?” lol.  Some of my favorites: #90 Dinner Parties, #86 Shorts, #67 Standing still at concerts, #29 Eighties Night, and #63 Expensive Sandwiches.

  18. I think the risk is getting sidetracked by the interenal populartity contest, which sucks energy from saying what you were there to say… that’s an inflationary process, truly a market bubble in Xanga terms, and invitably followed by a let down. Personally I’m focused more on bringing people to my blog from the outside. I thought your Holiday stuff was cute and innovative, though.

  19. Actually, I refuse to leave xanga because there’s not many other places that I feel comfortable writing at.  My blog has not changed any way whatsoever in the last two years.Mine is a news blog…my content is supposed to be a little boring sometimes.I have only started getting out to other people’s xangas more, though, specifically because of the rise in my subscribers — for a news blog I do pretty well. A couple hundred over a thousand footprints every week, and I’m now averaging twenty comments per week. I have noticed that it’s suddenly a little harder more often to get that amount of traffic, even though it’s taken me two years to get to this point.Anyway, I’ve been on the alert for whatever effects the economy might have on the internet…but I actually haven’t noticed a xanga slowdown…alot of people have said, “ZOMG XANGA’S DEAD”…but I personally haven’t seen it. And I’d think considering what sorts of things I post, that I’d notice it as soon as everyone else instead of like, you know, the last.But sometimes I AM pretty clueless. *ponders*I think it might just be because of the holidays/elections though. The world’s been crazy enough to distract people plenty.

  20. OK, so this is some kind of existential experiment where in you bitch about a recession in bitching about all the whining and bitching while not whining and bitching.  This is like a bourgeois courtier complaining that his fellow sycophants do not kiss enough of The Royal Ass.I think each post is so … much ado about nothing!  You seek community but touch via cold screen plasma and then get tweaked because your “friends” don’t stroke you?Viva la Recession!  Maybe we’ll all start posting for … oh shit, for the sake of posting!<li>It does not matter what you do, only how well you do it.

  21. i really agree with this blog. this is my third time opening bak a xanga, and wen i first opened one, it was so alive and everything that people talked about, now its like, treat as if it belongs in a time capsule….well there will always be people blogging. and maybe it’ll jump back into effect like the 90’s fashion…i have faith

  22. Excellent post!  Man, I’m thinking about doing something about the whole rec problem, with some charts and graphs and such.  Also thought about working on the whole plugz deal.But I am so glad you’ve brought up this recession.  I’ve been a little slow as of late, too.  Looks like we’ve got some work to do in sprucing this place back up.

  23. “Many xangans have fled to revelife or datingish in hopes that they would be protected by Jesus or the dating messiah equivalent”: *sheepish look*: OMG this is me =(  Why have I allowed myself to to this despite the fact I initially had such a loyal stance??  Why didn’t I see this Xanga Recession coming?  Because I am not full of wisdom and wit like vanedave-thank God for Xangans like you!BTW–I read this post in its entirety is it is VERY GOOD–it deserves more than a recommend, but that’s all I have to give….but I hope I am not Xangan Y!!  Please tell me it isn’t me, or if it is me let me down softly so I won’t be hurt.  I won’t be offended–seriously!

  24. I was a member of Xanga back in like 2000/2001, and left because I couldn’t find much good writing. When I returned to trolling Xanga blogs earlier this year in the hopes that some of my age group had grown up and begun writing about interesting subjects, I was pleasantly surprised. I found many interesting subjects, rather than the standard complaints about their lives, like which boy liked which girl and other nonsense. I signed up to post on Xanga yesterday, although I hadn’t been reading the posts since around election time. Big mistake. Many of the sites I used to love for their interesting perspectives on issues and life experiences are resorting to the standard issue crap 13-year-old drama queens ((and kings)) post daily.Hopefully this will be a call to arms for all of the interesting Xangans who have been neglecting their blogs. =)

  25. I’ve been frightened by what I’ve seen on the Xanga home page lately.  Someone needs to break the trend and start it back on its upwards travel again.  I resisted whoredom by not putting up that thingy for Benadryl Xanga asked me to do for 500 credits this morning. I cannot be bought!

  26. nice one, haha 😛 i started xanga like way back but stopped because i really didn’t see much bloggers. but when i came back, saw you guys (hinthint to the xanga x guy and a lot of other good bloggers), i had found hope. hopefully, you won’t stop cos i seriously need to have you talk like this in my wedding or something, haha. happy holidays.

  27. @theblackspiderman – You didn’t think that you were one of the xangans I was talking about did you?@SnippiesBlog – I aim to please 😉@TheBigShowAtUD – You might be onto something there. I smell another bigshow/vanedave collabo.@cre13 – Your recs are always welcome here.@Millsanicole – lol. yes go keep the pattern going.@StewieIsMyHero – Now all I have to do is find time to write it.@blazinhott99 – and a fine rant it was.@MyxlDove – Maybe we needed xanga porn more than we realized.@Melosa –  @DirtyAndShaken – ahh that’s what part 2 is for. Stay tuned.@Power_Ranger_Freak – the recession is everywhere my friend.@LostInTheLyrics – I say the things nobody wants to hear.@seedsower – I have been thoroughly enjoying your holiday spirit Seed.@casmarie – no, you’re innocent.@BarelyJen – just don’t put your credits in WashingtonMutual.@xNicolax – that’s right.@baranorewen –  You are probably right. But still this trend started a while ago.@elelkewljay – I should have a list of blogs to invest in for Part 2. But then people will get pissed if I don’t inculde them. Ahh fuck it. I may do it anyways.@tragicadversity – @ilovemy2babyboys – @abbyndc – thank you very much.

  28. @baranorewen – I just vomited in my mouth a little.@tweeny_tear – yes. I hate when stupid ass entries are rec’d by multiple people. You are very lucky not to have people who are mass message happy.@tequila_sky –  It might have a little to do with the holidays. Still when I log in and see my inbox full of bullshit, it makes me want to go do something else.@bluedreamer85 – lol. Footprint whoring is slightly less terrible.@nattata – I’ll have a holiday post soon to cheer you up.@ConfusedOptimist – I am honored!@Still_groovy – we’ll make it through this Kathi. i promise.@iStephanieMarie – Oh god. It’ very nice of you to try at least. *Mental image returning* Yikes!!!@nephyo – sounds like a project for you to do.@IfonEarth – I can understand that. Better than leaving a comment that says “lol” I guess.@ccarothers – I’ll see what i can do for you.@CiaoBella810 – What? What’d I do?@notreally_butokay – lol.you are not among the guilty in my eyes.@Jaynebug – A fine guilt trip. You are good.@xo_vintagelove_xo – part 2 will cover that. Soon I promise.@xxmarionettes – well xanga x is easy, but I bet you don’t know who xangan Y is. message me. ill tell you if you’re right.@CanadianBroad – so you know who xangan Y is too huh? messgage me your guess.@ZJiff30 – gee thanks.@saiducky – its a sad state of affairs. 

  29. @crazy2love – glad to hear that.@ISLYMORE – I did start rather early. Glad you’ve caught up.@jediwa72 – lol. your bed has been rather crowded.@Pawleeen – That is the hope.@twistedoff – thanks. 🙂@Kim@revelife – I love that website. Message me who you think xangan Y is.@RogierFvV – very true Rogier. You provide good insight. Glad some people are enjoying the holiday party at least.@MyFreedomWings – There has been alot of crazy shit going on. Still I thought we were doing pretty good during the elections. After it went to shit.@AlterEgo909 – Chuhhhch. @mr_faust –  You are one of the lucky few.@ucancallmekelz – Keep the faith sister.@Lost_In_Reverie – lol. congrats. i saw that. Maybe it has something to do with your new profile pic too? 😉@DuckTapeJourneyman – That would be awesome. I always love your silly little graphics.@blondbabe1305 – I’ll let you know when its up.@lil_squirrel4ever – I assure you, you are not xangan Y. I actually like you.@Laryssa – I don’t know. Lemme ask my mom and get back to you.@SuperSafe68 – Its tough in the beginning. Keep at it.@Krissy_Cole – Love ya too. Know way you could be xangan Y. I enjoy your occasional rants.

  30. @vanedave – meh, i’ve only been showing my site around. i haven’t actually been gaining any comments, or eprops, but i’ve been gaining a few subscribers each week without Top Blogs or Front-page featured :

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